12 new Farrow & Ball paint colors that launch today – including an off-white we predict everyone's going to use

The new collaboration with fashion designer Christopher John Rogers is full of exuberant, cheerful colors – but we've got our eye on one new neutral in the bunch in particular

a room painted in white and black with a fireplace and comfy chairs
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

New Farrow & Ball colors are always a cause for celebration. These paint shades tend to be tastemakers for our homes, whether you end up buying them from Farrow & Ball or not. Some of the biggest color trends in recent years have had a Farrow & Ball shade attached from them, be in when everyone was painting 'Downpipe' walls, or we all starting choosing 'Hague Blue'-inspired shades. 

These new launches, a partnership between premium paint and wallpaper maker Farrow & Ball and celebrated fashion designer Christopher John Rogers, is a match made in heaven. Andor the first time in a Farrow & Ball collab, this capsule collection also includes three new wallpaper patterns, each available in the collection’s colorways. 

The collection, named Carte Blanche, brings together a wonderful balance of heritage and modernity. Combining classic inspiration and the traditional techniques Farrow & Ball has perfected over 75 years with an unexpected twist and the personal touch of Rogers creates an exciting result that is sure to stay just as inspiring and relevant in years to come, as it is now. 

We promise it will spark more new paint ideas than you'll know what to do with. Exploring the space between pragmatism and glamour, Rogers’ designs emphasize quality, timelessness, and declaring your sense of self. The bar is raised high for this partnership, but I'm pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Carte Blanche, a collection full of joy 

pink and red striped wallpaper on wall with white sofa

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball x Christopher John Rogers)

Through Carte Blanche, Farrow & Ball brings Rogers’ distinctive flair and unmistakable joy to the world of interiors. The collection comprises four neutrals, eight statement shades, and three playful wallpaper prints, aiming to put an emphasis on expressive, individual style. With such beautiful and vibrant paints in line with the latest color trends and papers to choose from, giving your home a refresh will feel like kid’s play. 

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Inspired by cherished memories of food and family, the colors range from vivid blue and verdant green to cheerful pinks and structural neutrals. It's one of the latter that's particularly caught our eye. New colorways 'Au Lait' is the warm minimalist off-white we've been dreaming of, while 'Roasted Macadamia' is the perfect taupe to use alongside it. 

The wallpaper ideas consist of patterns centered around playing with shapes and are all available in the Carte Blanche colorways, which makes it easy to mix and match without fear of getting it wrong. Far from being restrictive, the possibilities for creativity are endless. 

bedroom with bright green walls and blue doors

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball x Christopher John Rogers)

Charlotte Cosby, Creative Director for Farrow & Ball, tells us how this partnership came about: ‘I’m obsessed with Christopher’s use of color; he treats it so tenderly and the result can be a beautifully tempered explosion or a slick confident splash. It’s been incredible to work with Christopher because craft and attention to detail are intrinsic to both of our processes, so I always knew this collaboration was going to be something special,’ she explains. ‘Carte Blanche is all about finding the freedom to create a personal look and enjoying the process,’ adds Charlotte.

For Christopher John Rogers too the collaboration felt like a natural fit: ‘Colors, and the feelings that I get from them, are always my starting point when working. With Farrow & Ball’s emphasis on quality and longevity, and my emphasis on artful, declarative design, I think this partnership has created something incredibly exciting by mining the space between both feelings. I’m so excited for people to be able to access these paints and papers!’ And so are we! What better way to lift our spirits as we transition into autumn than with a joyful home update? 

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