This Hamptons Beach House is a Masterclass in Calm, Coastal Decor - Here are 5 Lessons to Take Away

Learn how to replicate this tranquil environment in your own home, direct from the designers

calm modern kitchen
(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

Tranquillity is the design term dominating the interior scene at the moment. It would seem that, in a world of chaos, we're increasingly drawn to designs that create a sense of calm, and this Hamptons home is the epitome of just that. 

A perfectly situated coastal beach house, this home is a peaceful haven for its owners away from the Big Apple. It's easy to see why they want to spend so much time there. The space exudes luxury without being flashy or over-the-top, and is full of design lessons to implement in your own home. The modern kitchen design is at the center of this space and provides ample inspiration. 

'My clients wanted their year-round retreat to be a sanctuary,' says interior designer Tami Wassong. 'They wanted a space where there's a big exhale when walking through the front door, nourishing your mind, lifting your spirits, and connecting with family and friends.'

To find out how to instill the same calm design in your own home, we spoke to the designer at the heart of this project who revealed her top tips for creating a calming and comforting space that's simultaneously stylish. You can easily incorporate these five ideas into your own space to elevate your existing design and add an element of coastal chic.

1. Use a tonal palette

tonal bedroom design

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

The comforting tonal palette used by interior designer Tami Wassong instantly creates a sense of serenity. This year's color trends reflect this movement toward creating cocooning environments and utilizing these shades through different mediums is the key to nailing the trend, according to Tami.

'The tonal palette creates layers of depth and interest by incorporating warm natural materials,' she says, with colors inspired by the natural surroundings. 'White, ivory, blues, soft grays, and matte black accents are sprinkled throughout,' Tami adds. 'They are derived from the homeowners’ favorite colors, proximity to the water, and the surroundings.' 

2. Harness natural light

large windows in living room

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

Natural light is in abundance in this home. Upon walking in you're greeted with a warm glow that immediately offers a fresh and warm welcome. 'Bringing the outside in with natural light creates a calming environment,' says Tami. 'This automatically improves your mood and creates an overall tranquil atmosphere.'

The vast swathes of glass throughout the home by the architects at Mojo Stumer, provide views of the stunning seascapes from almost every corner. We love how this forges a connection with nature that instantly makes you feel grounded. Biophilic design is reemerging as a popular design concept and is a sure way to ensure tranquility in your home and, while we can't all have double-story windows or a waterfront to look out onto, this home also brings the outside in with natural materials and ample use of foliage as decor. These are ideas that can be brought into any space.

bathroom with marble vanity

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

3. Make us of hidden storage

kitchen hidden storage pocket doors

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

Clutter is the antithesis of calm, so hidden storage is a must. The minimalist influence is evident in this project, and the effect is obvious. The space is free of unnecessary items and additional stress, leaving only room for calm. 

Tami identifies as a minimalist, so her designs always favor a more simple and refined style. 'We included simply designed millwork throughout to have a place for everything thereby eliminating clutter and chaos,' she explains. The hidden storage ensures there are no obstructions to the airy open plan ground floor, whilst remaining a practical family home. This feature is particularly apparent in the kitchen where electoral appliances are hidden behind discreet pocket doors. 

4. Create cozy spaces

minimalist living room

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

This home aimed to create 'peace on the bay' where the owners could unwind and relax. One of the ways Tami achieved this was by creating inviting spaces where you could waste the afternoon away. 'I did this by creating cozy spaces where you would want to sit for hours either reading, entertaining, or just getting lost in the peaceful exterior views,' she says.

The open-plan cozy living room marries sophisticated design with a relaxed modern appeal. Sleek interiors, plush upholstery, and warm glowing light are all features that can be adopted in any space to emulate this stylish home's ethos.

5. Mix materials 

entry way with side table and mirror

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Designer: Tami Wassong. Stylist: Katja Greeff)

Texture is incredibly important in forging a calm environment. Here Tami has opted for natural wood and stone to emphasise the connection to nature and contribute to the tonal palette. 'Furnishings, upholstery, and fittings all follow a monochromatic color scheme,' she says. 'The mix of materials wood, plaster, metal, and fabric is another fundamental element that makes this home what it is.' Think plush wool, boucle, and worn leather to get the look and feel of this home.

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