This Decorating Idea is a Genius Way to Embrace the Scallop Trend (and a Brilliant Use for Leftover Paint!)

A scalloped paint border will revamp your space

A living room with scallop frill curtains
(Image credit: Smart Anson.⁠ Photo Styling: Steve Cordony. Design: Arent & Pyke)

No matter how many calculations you do, it's inevitable that after a big paint project you'll have some leftover - not enough for a wall or upcycle, but too much to chuck away. Well, fortunately, that remaining paint needn't be neglected on a shelf. There is a simple use for all your excess paint that will instantly elevate your space.

A simple paint idea can transform a plain space into something far more visually exciting. What's great about paint is it's easily removed or replaced when you get bored, and it's super affordable, especially when you use up stuff you already have. This trick utilizes leftover paint and can easily be adapted to any space, plus it's the cleverest way to embrace the trend for scallop edges that we've come across.

Discover how to achieve this contemporary wall feature in a matter of hours while putting that leftover paint you already have lying around to good use. 

There are so many living room trends out there, many of which require a lot of time, planning, and money - but not this one. We recently stumbled across this scalloped door frame idea and we feel inspired to do the same.

Home and lifestyle content creator Devan Carter recently shared a video where she shows how to use up your excess paint whilst giving your space a revamp. Simply start by using a circular surface to trace out where the 'scallops' will be with a pencil, then follow these lines with paint. It really is that easy!

This DIY is perfect for people who like to follow design and color trends without committing to painting the whole room. It can also be customized by using a shade that compliments the color scheme of your room and switching up the size of the scallop border to give a different look.

Next time you find yourself about to throw away perfectly good paint, consider this DIY to transform your door into a statement feature!

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