The "Scallop" Curtain Trend Will Make Your Home Feel More Romantic

We've long been in love with this trim detail, and with more retailers picking it up, it's now so easy to get the look

A living room with scallop frill curtains
(Image credit: Smart Anson.⁠ Photo Styling: Steve Cordony. Design: Arent & Pyke)

The scallop pattern is nothing new. In fact, you've probably noticed the scallop shape dominating the world of decor for a good few years, but the fact is, while waves and squiggles have fallen out of favor, the scallop shape doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

You might have thought you'd seen the end of this playful and whimsical trend, but we've started noticing the gentle undulating frill added to materials and fabrics, bringing a joyful trim to soft furnishings and upholstery. Curtains are one such example, softening the room and bringing pattern to your window treatments. We love the look, so we've spoken to some designers about the interior design trend (and done some digging to help you shop the look!)

What's the scallop frill curtain look?

A living room with scallop frill curtains

(Image credit: Photography: @smartanson⁠. Photo styling: @stevecordony. Design: Arent & Pyke)

So what is the look? The scallop edging gives modern window treatments a bit of whimsy. 'It’s an unexpected detail that makes a space feel custom,' says Kristen Hawes of Arent & Pyke. In this example, the scallop frill offers an opportunity to introduce a pop of color.

'The window treatments feature a bespoke leading edge trim, and we chose a contrasting lipstick red to make them even more dynamic, complementing the immersion-dyed inky blue fabric. The vitality of the established garden is now matched by the vibrancy of the interiors where pattern and repetition are balanced by block color in a feast of materiality.'

According to Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, it's all part of the wider trend for a romanticizing of life through interiors. 'As we look to the new year ahead, we’re captivated by the theme of romance and the growing trend of "romanticizing" life that is emerging,' says Dayna.

'This year’s top trend predictions indicate that consumers are craving the comfort of a little extra sweetness in their daily rituals, as they elevate life’s simple pleasures and create moments of beauty to savor each day.' We saw bows take over Christmas decor in 2023, and they look to be verging into 2024 too, but it also means the playful edges of the scallop frill aren't going anywhere for now.

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