14 home office ideas for him - stylish spaces to get work done

Home office ideas for him that don't come across as stereotypically 'masculine'

Dark blue home office with dark wooden desk and bright blue office chair home office ideas for him
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Home office ideas for him don't fall into any steretypical style. They embrace colour, pattern, style and creativity. 

Whether it’s simply a space to Zoom or a full-blown desktop, it’s important to get the design right. 

Although this list is called home office ideas for him, anyone can adopt these sophisticated looks. Read on for some inspiration. 

1. Personalise the space with artwork 

Home office with central circular table and green chairs

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

‘There’s this new wave of home offices where people are adding colour and life to make an environment that inspires you and your work,’ says interior designer Enass Mahmoud of Studio Enass.

Mahmoud suggests adding artwork to your home office, making it a space that you are proud to show off. 

2. Go for a neutral colour scheme

home office

(Image credit: Studio Enass)

‘Men typically like to go for neutral tones in their office spaces,’ says Enass Mahmoud. ‘So I would choose super dark furniture such as dark wood or black but then accessorise the space with hints of colour to make it pop.’

3. Opt for soft furnishings

working from home

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Enass Mahmoud suggests adding soft furnishings such as velvet stools or a soft bench to a home office. ‘I think it’s important to have a little corner in your home office where you can step back from your laptop and relax for a moment.’

4. Add a built-in desk for maximum efficiency

desk area

(Image credit: Designed by Jannat Vasi)

‘Desks built into storage joinery are excellent space-savers and work for a more discrete look in a multipurpose room,’ says Henry Miller-Robinson, Co-Founder of K&H Design.  

‘Planning electrical and furniture layouts together means the bespoke storage and desk design will perfectly hide all ghastly sockets and wires.’

5. Go for a sophisticated look with wood panelling

home office ideas

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan)

This sophisticated design makes the perfect home office for him. The wood panelling creates a traditional yet warm feel with a colour scheme that is sure to motivate. 

If you want the rustic look then add wooden furniture and keep to darker tones.  

home office ideas

(Image credit: timediacontent.com)

If you want to personalise your home office then a gallery wall is the perfect way to do that. Adding some artwork can bring different colours and textures to your office while creating an inspiring space tailored to your tastes.  

A gallery wall is also ideal for small spaces and if you fancy a change then you can easily switch out old pieces for new ones. 

7. Go modern with an eclectic style

home office ideas

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

If you are the sort of worker that needs inspiration in a creative space then an eclectic home office may be the best option for you. Pair different textures and colours, mixing vintage furniture with contemporary elements to create an energising space. 

8. Opt for a formal look

Home office with central desk and orange velvet chairs

(Image credit: Lindsay Salazar)

Why not recreate your work office at home with a formal and sophisticated look. Stick to neutral tones and make the desk the centrepiece of the room.

Add desk decor such as paper weights, books and ornaments to personalise the room while keeping it professional. 

9. Let the light in with a window desk

small space

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

If you’re opting for darker tones then a window desk is a great way to let some natural light in. 

Grey walls and dark furniture can be complemented by natural lighting from a large window. Simply add some lamps to the room for extra lighting. 

10. Keep it simple with a black and white colour scheme 

Small home office with black furniture and large berber rug

(Image credit: Peter Carlsson)

If you like to keep it clean and simple then you can’t go wrong with a black and white colour scheme. 

With all-white walls and furniture, the design is versatile and can easily be rearranged if you fancy a change of scenery. Simply add some personality with desk decor. 

11. Add a rug for a warmer feel 

working from home

(Image credit: Future)

If you want to make your home office feel cozy and welcoming, then adding a rug is a simple way to do that. It’s also a great way to add some colour and pattern into the room and can be easily swapped out if you fancy a change - this works well as part of small home office ideas

12. Go big with bold colours 

home office

(Image credit: Little Greene)

‘Home offices are spaces where we need focus but also frequently the best spaces to experiment with colour and pattern,’ says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene. ‘Bold, bright colours such as 'Phthalo Green' will create vibrant impact, making sure you feel energised and productive.’

13. Make an impact with deeper tones

home office

(Image credit: Little Greene)

‘A combination of deep tones with softer colour highlights on woodwork or skirting boards can be very impactful, without feeling too distracting,’ says Ruth Mottershead. 

‘For a contemporary look, you may wish to choose a more muted hue such as 'Castell Pink' for your base, combined with warmer, earthier tones such as 'Nether Red' or 'Arras' on the woodwork or doors, which is a great way to colour-block and use colours with similar undertones, resulting in an inviting and grounded scheme.’

14. Save space with a curved desk

curved desk

(Image credit: K&H Design)

‘Using a curved desk is a space-saving solution and makes a practical piece of furniture extremely beautiful in a study,’ says Katie Glaister, Co-Founder of K&H Design.   

The curved desk in this space was beautifully designed by K&H Design and features tapered legs, cable management and neat inlay. 

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