Colors That Go With Turquoise — 5 Exciting Pairings to Make This Vibrant Hue Feel Modern

These colors that go with turquoise can create a bold, cheery and zesty room scheme

A living room with peach walls and a turquoise sofa
(Image credit: Atelier ND)

There's a range of colors that go with turquoise, creating the most modern palettes. This hue which is a mixture of light blue and green (and can contain yellow tints as well) can range from warm to cool and from vibrant to very pale. It is a friend to many other colors, and looks great with different blues, greens, and even reds.

To help you create the most cheerful scheme we asked designers to offer suggestions. While it may be easy to find colors that go with green, the in-between turquoise needs some consideration. Take a look.

1. White

A passageway with white walls and ceiling, and turquoise flooring

(Image credit: Masquespacio)

Decorating with neutrals is the easiest way to create a lasting scheme. Any color can be easily highlighted with white or cream as the base. When using turquoise, if walls and ceiling paints feel a bit much, consider flooring in this tone. It will dial down the apparent visual brightness of the hue and still give spaces a fresh look.

'The turquoise green and white color combination creates a smooth feeling, and leads to the most sophisticated contrast,' say Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, founders of Studio Masquespacio. 'The use of turquoise green in combination with white walls and ceilings and the use of organic forms for the furniture was intentional for a timeless look.'

2. Pink

A living room with pink ceiling, and turquoise sofa

(Image credit: Michelle Gage Interior Design)

'We love blue and pink together – and in this case, we paired a soft blush ceiling with a jewel-toned turquoise velvet sofa,' says Michelle Gage, founder and creative director of Michelle Gage Interior Design. 'The combination is soft, but not too sweet with the rich luxe vibes the turquoise color provides.'

If you're choosing a more toned-down pink, and using it as a background color, then you could consider overlaying a third hue. Many colors go with pink and can create a wonderfully layered, cozy interior.

3. Blue

A seating area with turquoise flooring and blue bench

(Image credit: Masquespacio)

Amongst the colors that go with blue is the watery turquoise, which borrows values from blue. When paired together, a navy blue and turquoise can create a calming, and often royal appeal.

'In this turquoise space, the small touches of gold, brown leather, and dark blue establish a sophisticated contrast,' say Ana and Christophe.

4. Peach

A living room with peach walls and turquoise sofa

(Image credit: Atelier ND)

Turquoise is a lovely color that goes with blush pink or peach, and can work as a great companion when it's a bright and lively scheme you want to create. If paints feel a bit too permanent, consider turquoise on furnishings that can be swapped out when needed. This is a tone that looks good on almost any surface, making it easy to decorate with as little or as much as you'd like.

'This apartment belongs to a bachelor and he wanted to have some colors in his life,' says Nicole Dohmen, founder of Atelier ND. 'I loved the peachy wallpaper and decided to pair it with the sofa to create a bold statement. The contrast is eye-catching, and the vintage kilim from the 60s blends in together.'

5. Black

A turquoise door and black& white flooring

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder. Design: Maestri Studio)

Every single color goes with black — a strong, timeless neutral that has a naturally elevated appeal. Turquoise can sometimes feel a bit too bright and saccharine and a great way to dial down its effect is with black. But use the two colors in a fine balance, so they don't seem too stark together. Perhaps add a third neutral such as white or beige. The three tones will go together well and create a space that's impactful yet calming.

'The door is lacquered in turquoise with supporting black and white tiles,' says Eddie Maestri, principal architect of Maestri Studio. 'To make it personal, I added a bit of whimsy with a funky antique knocker that I discovered while on vacation.'

3 paint colors that go with turquoise

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