Bobby Berk Just Shared the Easiest Hack for Shiny Flatware — And You Probably Have Everything You'll Need Already

The celebrated designer knows a thing or two about hosting. His latest tip keeps your silverware and glasses watermark-free — and it's SO easy.

Bobby Berk.
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Filing this one under 'reasons to love Bobby Berk ...'

For the uninitiated, Bobby Berk — home designer extraordinaire and former member of the Queer Eye fab five — is an Instagram must-follow. Not only do we rely on him for gorgeous vignettes and interiors inspo (have you checked out his design rules?), but we also love his helpful cleaning or designing hacks, which he shares every now and then on his ever-growing grid. And we here at Livingetc love a bit of interior design trickery, especially if it is in the name of preserving our purchases from some of the best home decor brands.

Today's Bobby-provided tip of choice? One that's going to breathe new life into your flatware and kitchenware (and just in time for dinner party season).

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It's a tale as old as time: You wash your flatware and glass kitchen a million times, but those pesky little water spots just won't dissipate. You're insecure — it's not that the items are dirty! You just cleaned them! But the blemishes stick to each piece like white on rice.

Fortunately for us, Bobby has a fabulous trick for vanquishing these despicable dots, as demonstrated in the video above. Simply load up your dishwasher as normal before adding a sizeable strip of aluminum foil to one of the racks. Run a typical cycle and ... voila! You're left with spotless dishware and some peace of mind.

Now, being the shopping fanatics that we are, you know we couldn't leave you without first sharing a few chic tableware options to add to your arsenal. It just wouldn't be right! Spotless dishes and some brand-new buys? It must be your lucky day.

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