5 Interior Designers Share What They're Buying for Their Living Rooms This Year

We speak to 5 of our favorite interior designers to find out what items of decor are on their shopping lists this year

A living room full of decorative pieces
(Image credit: Jonathan Hokklo. Design: Jessica Gersten Interiors)

2023 was a big year for home styling and decor took a standout role, used in less obvious places like bathrooms and kitchens to add personality to those oft-overlooked spaces. 2024 is looking to be no different.

We're predicting big things in the world of decor, so to get an idea of what might be proving popular, and what interior design trends will be making an impact in 2024, we've spoken to five of our favorite tastemakers to find out what's on their shopping list for their living rooms in the new year.

1. Decorative lighting

A living room with lampshade on side table

(Image credit: The 1818 Collective)

Living room lighting should never be overlooked. Providing atmosphere and casting shadows that play with color and add depth, lighting is a vital part of layering in any room. In 2023, we relied on lighting fixtures to bring a little personality as well as practically lighting a space. In a decorative sense, lighting fixtures become pieces of jewelry for a spare wall in need of a decorative sconce or an unused surface that might benefit from a beautiful lamp.

From decorative wall lights to colorful shades, we saw exciting prospects from the world of lighting in 2023, which will certainly be continuing well into 2024. Lighting is what designer Jennifer Morris wants to invest in for 2024. 'I plan to upgrade some of the lighting details in my living room,' says Jennifer. 'The base furniture is in good shape, but I have a beautiful new Penny Morrison lampshade in my cart.'

2. Coffee table books

A living room with coffee table books stacked on a decorative table

(Image credit: Jonathan Hokklo. Design: Jessica Gersten Interiors)

I'm of the firm belief that you can never have too many decorative books, and coffee table books will always look charming and elegant when artfully placed on any surface. Having more than enough coffee table books only means you can rotate your display, reflecting the seasons or your mood.

'I am excited about the prospect of acquiring more coffee table books for my living room in the upcoming year,' says designer Nina Magon. 'Beyond their aesthetic allure, coffee table books serve as indispensable accessories, acting as catalysts for meaningful conversations and encapsulating a homeowner's unique identity.

Their visually captivating nature not only elevates the overall design but decorating with books also allows for a personalized touch, reflecting individual interests and passions, adds Nina. 'A carefully curated selection of these books can effortlessly blend with the existing decor, adding layers of sophistication, color, and personality. In the pursuit of creating a space that resonates with both style and substance, I find that coffee table books remain an enduring and versatile choice, capturing the essence of a well-designed living environment.'

Jennifer also wants to give her book collection a refresh, upgrading the art books she has in her library. 'Travel and art books are perfect for when I am looking for inspiration.'

3. Unusual wall art

Living room wall art

(Image credit: Jonathan Hokklo. Design: Jessica Gersten Interiors)

Living room wall art is another easy way to give your home a refresh, without having to go through the hassle of a fresh lick of paint. 'I’ve been eyeing a vestaboard and think it is a must for my family room this year,' says Melissa Warner Rothblum of Seattle-based Massucco Warner.

'I’m always inspired by the new year and am big on resolutions, so I love the idea of having this Vestaboard have quirky little phrases or notes on inspiration as we head out of the door. I love bringing unexpected personality to a space and I think this does just the trick!'

4. Candles

A living room with coffee table candle

(Image credit: Tim Lee. Design: Home for Zen)

In the category of decorative items you can never have too much of, candles also rank highly. For Corinne Mathern of the eponymous interior design studio, candles are also helpful this time of the year, when natural light in your living room might be poor and would benefit from a little lift. 'I love the Loewe Cypress Ball Candle and will be buying one for my living room this year,' says designer Corinne Mathern.

January tends to be a bit of an anticlimax after the festive season, and having high-quality candles to create a cozy living room and calming atmosphere during these dark and cold evenings helps navigate through this challenging month.

5. Wall hangings

A textured wall hanging

(Image credit: Jonathan Hokklo. Design: Jessica Gersten Interiors)

Texture is another element that can feel cozy and comforting in the colder months, so why not ramp up the texture with wall tapestries that provide extra insulation and interest? 'For 2024, we are trying to find a beautiful antique wall tapestry to adorn our living room wall,' says Christoffer Du Rietz, co-founder of Durietz Design.

Tapestry wall art trends bring a certain feeling of antique luxury that fits very well with the style of our turn-of-the-century house, and it softens up the space.'

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