The Best Mid-Century Modern Coffee Tables are Timelessly Stylish — Our Edit of the 12 We Love Most

Only the best mid-century modern coffee tables give your home a retro and nostalgic edge. Lean into the enduring design movement with one of our selections.

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A mid-century coffee table is so recognizable and classic, you might have identified its standout, retro look as one of your preferred styles before even knowing the words to describe it. MCM is all about natural materials and simplified silhouettes built with the common man in mind.

So considering it's one of the best coffee tables to invest in, it brings me great joy to present today the definitive edit of MCM coffee tables, selectively handpicked from some of the best home retailers on the web. I love seeing these enduring tables in spaces big and small, and love seeing how everyone makes them their own.

'To me, the appeal of a mid-century modern coffee table lies in its ability to blend seamlessly with various interior design styles while offering a timeless look,' says Richard Louise of furniture studio Dovetails and Stitches. 'These tables often feature a straightforward, uncluttered design with sleek, clean lines. The emphasis is on practicality and the natural beauty of the materials. I am also a fan of the bevel edges on many MCM pieces, this simple touch makes a piece seem thinner, and more elegant (but not formal).'

So without further delay, let's get into this edit — 1950s, here we come!

12 of the best mid-century modern coffee tables

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What are the key design hallmarks of a mid-century modern coffee table?

Richard says mid-century modern coffee tables are designed in accordance with five key tenets:

Versatility: Mid-century modern designs are 'versatile enough to fit into contemporary, traditional, and eclectic spaces.'

Timeless Elegance: MCM furniture emphasizes clean lines and understated elegance, meaning it will never go out of style.

Functionality: 'These tables are designed with the user's needs in mind, offering functionality without sacrificing form.'

Focus on Materials: MCM coffee tables often use 'natural and high-quality materials,' ensuring durability and longevity.

Artistic Statement: 'A mid-century modern coffee table can serve as a statement piece, drawing the eye and adding a touch of sophistication to a room.'

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