These cozy bedroom buys will make you never want to leave your bed - and why should you?!

We found the best bedroom accessories to make your bed as cozy as possible, if you’re keen to try out the latest self-care trend

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If you haven’t heard of it yet, bed rotting isn’t some sort of sleep-induced illness, nor does it signify excessive amounts of mold taking over the corner of your headboard. No – the social media trend of the moment is actually all about self-care! It involves staying in bed for prolonged periods of time to escape productivity for a few hours, partaking in passive activities instead to avoid burnout – the dream, TBH. And what’s even more dreamy? Filling your bed (and the space around it) with cozy and practical pieces to elevate your bed rotting experience even further. 

Duvet days, prolonged lie-ins… the trend has adopted many names over the years and it seems to be more popular than ever right now. Whether you’re planning to try out the trend or not, we all want our beds to feel as comfy as possible, so I went through the best home decor stores to find the most cozy and chic pieces to elevate your bedroom. From washed linen duvet sets to stylish breakfast trays, they’ll help you maximize your comfort levels and make bed rotting days feel even more enjoyable. 

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How can I make my bedroom both chic and comfy?

When it comes to making your bed as cozy as possible, it’s all about the fabrics – try to choose ones that are both chic and high quality (so they’ll hold up against your all-day lounging!). Boucle and tufted materials are perfect for the ultimate cozy bedding setup, and aesthetically, the raised texture will add balance and dimension. Linen and high-quality cotton are classic choices for your duvet covers and pillow shams – look for ‘washed’ styles for extra added softness! More delicate materials like velvet should be used mainly for accent pieces like the pillow above to add an elegant feel

With bedroom accessories: just because something’s practical, it doesn't mean it can’t be stylish too! The sleek wooden bedside shelf and rattan breakfast tray are perfect examples of this. Try to ensure each piece will add to your bedroom’s decor while also genuinely elevating your bed-rotting (or general laying in bed) experience. 

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