My job is to browse decor online – here is the best wall art I’ve found for your home

From statement-making prints to more muted and minimalist styles, here’s the very best in wall art to help spruce up your space

artwork on a colorful background
(Image credit: Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Painting in the Rude)

You’ve found your dream sofa, bed and vanity, but now it’s time to look at the higher focal points of your home. Yes – your walls are just as important as floor space when it comes to filling your space with carefully-chosen decor pieces! I, for one, love a good statement print or piece of artwork to fill up blank spaces in my home, and I’ve seen a ton of great wall art options around ATM.

The best home decor stores are full of brilliant wall art buys. So whether you love a statement-making print or more muted pieces to suit your minimalist decor, I’ve rounded up the very best prints for you below.


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If you prefer to maintain a minimalist vibe throughout the rest of your home, wall art is one of the easiest decor areas in which to get a little creative and really make a statement. We’ve shown above how it’s pretty easy to make your artwork stand out – even if you chose to keep your pieces within the minimal aesthetic – through the introduction of texture and color.

Contrasting style within your art pieces (e.g. vintage and modern) is another great way to make your wall art stand out. Painting in the Rude’s prints are a perfect example of this, where a classic vintage base painting is juxtaposed with the more modern tongue-in-cheek text detail – bold in both color and underlying message. You can also choose prints with a mix of classic and modern styles to achieve the same eye-catching effect.

So when choosing wall art that you want to stand out, try to think outside of the box. Don’t be afraid of a little contrast in color and tone – after all, as well as being pleasing to the eye, the best art pieces are meant to encourage thoughtful conversations! 

Valeza Bakolli
Contributing Shopping Editor

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