How to Master the "Sunday Reset Routine" — And Start Your Week Out With a Well-Ordered Home

Follow one of the hottest trends on TikTok and carry out Sunday reset — here’s how to approach it

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A ‘Sunday reset routine’ refers to decluttering and re-organizing your home and getting yourself ready to tackle the new week ahead. Thanks to TikTok, this process is now a viral trend, but what, exactly, makes a Sunday reset?

There’s no doubt this weekly ritual will look different for everyone, depending on what your priorities are and what your family commitments look like. However, there is a rough framework that you can follow to feel calmer by the time Monday rolls around.

We spoke to the experts who shared their tips and tricks for how to declutter your home, put rooms back together and ensure you're in a good head space come Monday Morning.


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1. Make a plan 

Like every successful routine or ritual, you should begin with a solid plan of how you want your Sunday reset to look and what you want to achieve.

Emily Moss, founder of Emily Moss Designs says ‘Sunday resets are great for getting your life ready for the upcoming week! You can create your own Sunday reset routine but common things to add are things like grocery shopping, cleaning up around the house, doing laundry and checking your calendar for the week to prep anything needed. A Sunday reset in my opinion is best started earlier in the day so you can spend the rest of the day relaxing before the week ahead’.

Before Sunday comes, write a list of things you want to get done, whether it's mentally or physically so you’re clear in your mind what you want to achieve with your Sunday reset routine. A decluttering checklist might help too.

2. Start with some self care

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Sunday resets often involve decluttering room by room, however it’s just as important to declutter your mind. We spoke to Ayten Nadeau, founder of i-TEN Designs who gave us some of her best Sunday reset self care tips.

‘Here’s your ultimate guide for a Sunday reset, tailored to infuse your life with balance and joy! As the sun graces the sky, kickstart your day with a luxurious latte and soothing melodies, marking the beginning of a rejuvenating Sunday journey’.

‘Dive into the morning with purpose, conquering tasks to pave the way for a day filled with accomplishment and organization. Treat yourself to a lavish self-care session, revitalizing both body and mind with a sumptuous shower and organic sugar scrub. Step outside to share a table of delights with loved ones, basking in nature's embrace and reconnecting with your authentic self’, says Ayten.

3. Sort things into categories

When it’s time to kickstart the decluttering part of your Sunday reset then it’s a good idea to sort your things into categories to make sure everything has a home.

Ben Soreff from H2H Organizing explains that ‘structure and routine allow us to control the "controllables". It allows us to be familiar with what comes next and plan our day with fixed time. After a fun weekend plus hopefully relaxing, it is okay that items are lying around, but the important thing is that when it comes time to clean up, everything has a home’.

‘All the items that are cluttering up your surfaces fall into categories. For instance, sports, clothing, health and beauty, etc. If you think of these items in those terms you do not need to "think" about where it goes because every category should have a home’.

4. Tick things off your to-do list 

Everyone will have a different list of tasks they want to achieve on a Sunday but whatever yours looks like, be sure to start ticking them off one by one.

Put on your favorite playlist and get yourself motivated to complete the jobs that you need to. ‘So much has been said about the Sunday scaries, but it’s honestly one of my favorite days of the week, mostly because, after a hectic weekend, I find my routine of getting everything back in order to be extremely grounding’, says Katelyn de Spain, founder of Makehouse Design Studio.

‘My Sunday reset is the perfect combination of rest and relaxation, weaving in moments of gratitude while also crossing things off my home to-do list before work takes over everything on Monday morning’.

5. Finishing touches

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Once the nitty gritty has been done and you feel like your home and mind have had a deep cleanse then it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There’s no better feeling than sitting down with a mug of coffee after a day of cleaning, knowing you’ve got an organized home and are ready to kickstart the week in a positive way.

‘One of the last things I like to do as part of my Sunday routine is to light my favorite candle. Not only does this create a clutter-free space, it helps calm any stress or anxiety that I might be having about the upcoming week’, says Katelyn.

6. Reflect and set goals

Once you’ve enjoyed a period of relaxation, Anna suggests taking a moment to reflect on the past week and setting goals for the upcoming week to provide clarity and direction.

‘The last part of your Sunday reset should involve taking a few moments to reflect on what went well and what you can improve on. You should also set achievable goals for the week ahead and write down any steps you need to take to accomplish them'.

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