Paint your home happy with these expert tips by Kelly Wearstler

Use paint to fill your home with happiness with these mood boosting ideas by designer Kelly Wearstler

Farrow and Ball Kelly Wearstler collection
Walls painted in Terracotta by Kelly Wearstler for Farrow and Ball
(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

In between picking the best white paint for interior walls and worrying about which shade of gray to have in your living room, one fact can be forgotten. And that is that paint, when used joyfully, can make you happy. 

‘To me, a happy home is where I feel comfortable, relaxed and where my family is,’ says renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler. ‘Design is a powerful force for making our lives better – our house in Beverly Hills has an incredible energy and spirit. Good design has the ability to make you happier, more confident, more comfortable and more organized. It elevates everyday life experiences, impacts your life and stimulates everything you do.’

I always say that living without color is like living without love; color is the spirit of a room. Color within a space can draw such an emotional response and can completely transform the mood, and it’s also a chance to express your voice within the space and create a personal narrative.’’ 

Farrow and Ball Kelly Wearstler Hazy blue paint

Wall painted in Hazy by Kelly Wearstler for Farrow and Ball

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

‘One of the most efficient ways to bring color into your home is through paint. Brighter colors such as Citrona from The California Collection – my collaboration with Farrow & Ball – can introduce an optimistic, uplifting and joyous feeling to the space, whereas lighter blue shades like Hazy make a space a calming, relaxing oasis.'

Farrow and Ball Kelly Wearstler Terrcotta

Wall painted in Terracotta by Kelly Wearstler for Farrow and Ball

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

‘My go-to happy paint color is the Terracotta from the collection – it’s is a great hue for bedrooms, an easygoing shade characterized by softness and warmth, like the morning sunlight. I also love pale green Palm, which is perfect for a room with a large skylight as it captures the brightness of the natural light. It also brings the elements of the outdoors indoors, which creates a relaxing space.’

‘If you want to play with happy color in the homes, I recommend taking a shade you already love – find it in anything from a piece of clothing to a piece of artwork, something that makes you feel good – and use that to create a scheme.

Another way to introduce colorful paint in your home is to select a bolder tone for the wall trim or ceiling so the shade that still makes a statement but doesn’t completely overwhelm the room.’

Kelly Wearstler's own home in Beverly Hills

Kelly Wearstler's own home in Beverly Hills

(Image credit: Kelly Wearstler)
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