Is Teak Patio Furniture Still on Trend in 2024? Experts Share Their Insights on This Enduring Material

Teak is one of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture, but is it still in style? We asked experts to find out

A large teak outdoor dining table and chairs
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Patio season is in full swing with everyone and their neighbors dusting off their backyards and getting them in shape for summer soirees. When it comes to outdoor furniture materials, chic teak furniture has been a mainstay in patios for many seasons, but does it still have designers' respect in 2024?

We wanted to pinpoint the exact reasons behind this rustic wood-borne renaissance and whether the trend is set to continue into this summer and beyond. To find out more, we spoke to a couple of designers who've given us their two cents on this outdoor furniture trend. Let's find out if we need to add teak to our cart or ditch it from our wishlist.

Is teak furniture in for patios in 2024?

Teak furniture set in a patio

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Tony Peng, managing director at OASIQ, tells us that teak furniture has always had major staying power in the realm of modern outdoor furniture, but confirms that it’s more popular than ever these days. 'Due to its weather-resistant nature, it's impervious to moisture and pests which prevents it from mildewing with harsh weather and it also has UV-resistant qualities,' notes Tony. 'In addition, teak is extremely low maintenance since it's full of natural oils designed to protect it. So for outdoor furniture, investing in strong, durable materials like teak is essential.'

Tony goes on to point out that the resurgence of teak can also be attributed to a more widespread understanding and interest in how sustainable design can create a positive impact on our climate, environment, and homes. 'Most teak, especially the teak we use, is a renewable resource,' says Tony. 'It’s also the most long-lasting, resilient wood that can be made into furniture.' He explains that teak designs need minimal to no care and can last decades, thereby eliminating the need to replace your outdoor furniture suite setup every few years.

And Tony isn't alone in his love for teak's timeless appeal. Landscape designer Katherine Aul Cervoni tells us that she has also found a peak in the popularity of teak patio furniture. 'It works well in a variety of styles but is particularly on-trend with the California Modern aesthetic which champions natural materials, neutral colors, and clean lines with a hint of rustic naturalism,' notes Katherine.

How should you style teak patio furniture?

Teak furniture in a patio

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When it comes to styling your teak furniture, Tony tells us that teak’s charming aesthetic offers an easy elegance that can be paired with a variety of design styles. 'It’s truly hard to go wrong with teak,' says Tony. 'It can be paired with black or white for a more standard, classic appeal, or it can be complemented with pastel hues, vibrant colors, and even patterns.' He adds that this tropical hardwood works especially well in minimalistic backyards.

According to Katherine, teak furniture pieces flawlessly balance out stone, brick, and tile work in an outdoor space since they add a touch of soft warmth to the space. Depending on your patio's overarching aesthetic, she recommends styling teak furniture with planters made of fiberglass, glazed ceramic, or steel. She also suggests using solid, neutral-toned cushions to allow the textured wood to shine through.

Well, you heard the experts, teak is back and better than ever. And we can't say we're surprised. The chic finish along with the unique graining that comes with each piece makes it an elegantly unique addition to any patio. So if you have any teak pieces that you've retired to your attic, it's time to bring them out or if you're looking to buy some fresh outdoor additions, consider contemporary teak designs for the perfect modern garden setting. Then all that's left to do is sit back and watch as the compliments flood in at your next al fresco dining experience.

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