How to Decorate With Lick Paint's Most Popular Shade – 'It's the Perfect Winter Mood-Booster!'

The surprising shade is dominating sales at the color-centric home decor brand - here's how to use it

A living room with white walls, beige wainscoting, and a terracotta ceiling
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The cold winter months call for an indoor home project, and a paint job is the perfect solution. Giving a room a 'lick' of paint has a transformative power, especially when it's from the color-centric home decor brand of the same name, and their most popular shade right now is the perfect mood booster to cure your January blues.

We're always on the lookout for new paint ideas that feel fresh and contemporary yet equally comforting. One particular color that's consistently proved itself within that department is earthy pink-reds. Whilst I've witnessed the rise in popularity in interiors, it always feels like a bold choice that's not for the everyday home, which is why I was shocked to discover Lick's most popular shade right now is, you guessed it, an earthy red hue. 

The bold color can be difficult to use and should be approached with caution, but when done right it can completely transform a space. We caught up with Tash Bradley, Director of Interior Design and Color Psychologist at Lick, to find out where to use the shade and all the do's and don'ts that come along with it.

Lick Red paint

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With so many unique shades, Lick's most popular paint was bound to be different, however, I wouldn't have predicted a red. 'One of our most popular shades right now is Red 03,' says Tash. 'It’s such an iconic color and was super popular in 2023, and we’ve also chosen it to be in our 2024 color palette because it's such a community favorite.'

Although it's simply called Red 03, this is not your typical red. 'Red 03 has all the characteristics of a pink, but is still as physically stimulating as any other red shade,' explains Tash. 'When I created it, I wanted to form a terracotta, earthy red that transported you to the Mediterranean and gives a grounding, comforting and cozy feel, whilst also being physically stimulating with a great energy to it.'

How to decorate with Lick's Red 03

Red Living room Lick paint

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Red can be a daunting color to use in the home as it's incredibly powerful, but when used wisely in the right space it's pure magic. 

Despite being a red, this shade from Lick is incredibly versatile. 'It's a bright, bold color that can go in a north, south, west or east facing room, so it has no limits,' says Tash. 'It looks incredible on kitchen cabinets, or you could colour drench a bedroom, or even paint the ceiling of a living room. It can go in any room or run through the whole house.'

Knowing the colors that go with red is also key to pulling off a designer-worthy paint idea. 'Red 03 is a mid-tone color, so you want to avoid using brilliant white because it would be too jarring and the contrast would be too strong,' explains Tash. Instead, opt for earthy tones or a creamy white with yellow undertones, such as Lick's White 03

Red Bed room

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If you prefer a more rustic paired-back style, look to nature for inspiration. 'Red 03 pairs beautifully with beiges, and other earthy tones,' says Tash. 'Off-creams, whites, and boucle textures or sheepskin rugs look epic with it - take inspiration from the Mediterranean with earthy tones and pops of green plants.'

However, if you want to express your inner maximalist, lean into color trends and pair it with something bolder. 'It can also be used with contrasting colors to really come into its own,' says Tash. 'When we decorated Dean Street Soho House, we used Red 03 in the cocktail bar which leads into the restaurant, which is decorated in Teal 03. This is much more of a maximalist look.'

After hearing how versatile Lick's Red 03 is, I'm convinced that it's worthy of its credentials as Lick's color of the moment. Whatever your design style, there's a way to incorporate this terracotta shade into your home so take this as your sign to be bolder with your next paint project - we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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