This is Benjamin Moore's Best Shade to Welcome the Essence of Spring Into Your Home — Here are 4 Ways to Use it

This relaxing blue hue is the perfect shade to bring a fresh, spring-like feel into your space

A room with wood flooring, pale blue walls, and a leather accent chair
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With spring just around the corner, you might be thinking of decorating for the new season to prepare your home for the warmer months ahead. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do just that is with a lick of paint, and we've found the perfect hue for you to inject a fresh, spring-like feel into your space. 

If you're looking for color inspiration, Benjamin Moore is a great brand to find a new paint idea to suit your tastes, and there's one particularly popular color of theirs that represents the epitome of spring and everything we love about the incoming season of regrowth. 

'Blue Heather,' is a stunning pearly gray shade that shows glints of blue and violet. The relaxing shade has a particular springtime feel when paired with bright floral furnishings and artwork, and it has the power to really brighten a space and create a sense of calming tranquility and spring weather (even if it's still raining outside!) Looking for a fresh decorating idea to welcome in the new season? Here are four ways to use this on-trend shade inside the home. 

1. Create a tonal scheme

'Blue Heather' is the perfect color for pairing with a sophisticated color scheme, since it's a neutral gray-blue. 'For a subtle and elegant aesthetic, consider a tonal scheme within your space,' says Helen Shaw, Director of Marketing at Benjamin Moore. 'Use Blue Heather on the walls, and pair it with a deep blue-gray hue, such as Ashland Slate as an accent color. 

Helen also recommends using a classic white as an accent color on architectural details, for a curated, balanced look that's perfect for creating a relaxing space within your home.

2. Color-drench

'Blue Heather' is also the ideal shade for color-drenching rooms within your home because this shade is so subtle and chic. Painting the walls and ceiling the same color can have a really immersive, enveloping effect, and this pale blue will feel far more unique and restful than a neutral shade. 

'For a contemporary, pared-back feel, color-drench walls, woodwork, and ceilings in this easy-to-live-with shade,' says Helen. 'It gives an illusion of extra light and space, making it perfect for smaller rooms that need brightening up.' 

It's a great color for south facing living rooms, as it will make the most of all the sunlight throughout the day. It's also the perfect shade for bathrooms and bedrooms, and anywhere around your home where you want to invite a soothing sense of harmony. 'This lighter, silvery shade, is a favorite for bathrooms and bedrooms, thanks to the serenity and calmness this color evokes,' says Helen.

3. Pair with pastels

If you prefer a more colorful space, the versatility of Blue Heather means it can adapt well to different spaces, and it looks gorgeous alongside brighter pastel shades, too. 

'Blue Heather pairs well with other pastel hues, and looks great with soft neutrals and even grays,' says James Mellan-Matulewicz at Bobbi Beck. If you're feeling more daring, it also looks striking when paired with brighter tones such as soft oranges and deep fuchsias as the contrast channels a chic yet playful vibe. 

4. Use on wainscoting or wood paneling

According to James, Blue Heather also works well with richer tones, especially deep navy blues and teals. If pairing the shade with darker colors, however, he recommends that it's best those go at the bottom of the walls, such as on wainscoting or wood paneling. 'It helps create a better balance for the eye,' he says. 'One simple mistake is putting the darker color on the top half of the wall and the lighter color on the bottom— this can make a room unbalanced.'

Opting for a darker shade around the bottom of your walls will also create a cozy, calming space, so this tip works well in spacious living rooms. 

Ready to ring the essence of spring into your space? Put a spring in your step (and home) with this versatile Benjamin Moore shade.

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