This Viral Gardening Trick Can Make Your Lawn so Much Healthier Using a $5 Beauty Product

Gardening experts let us in on this extremely affordable and incredibly efficient hack for a lush lawn

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Springtime calls for colorful blooming gardens and lush green lawns. And while the general upkeep of your front lawn or your backyard can cost a little more than anticipated, we've come across one particular gardening hack can cost as little as $5 and is completely organic and sustainable.

So what is this wonder ingredient? Well, it's something you'd usually find in your bathroom, not your garden shed. It's Epsom salt you may want to add to your arsenal of gardening essentials, and the experts seem to agree it's a good choice for better lawn care. Who knew this personal care product could contribute to the beauty of your home's lawn? A pinch of Epsom salt might be just what you need to keep your yard fresh and healthy.

What is Epsom salt?

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Epsom salt appears to be the latest trick in the gardening community and this is one hack that should not be gatekept. Gardening expert, Tony O'Neill tells us that Epsom salt consists of magnesium and sulfur, both vital nutrients for plant health. 'Magnesium is a critical component of chlorophyll, it's the compound that gives plants their green color and plays a crucial role in photosynthesis. While sulfur helps improve the efficiency of other key plant nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus,' says Tony.

Outside the plant world, Epsom salt is an age-old product that is commonly found in beauty cabinets. This multi-purpose household item is used as a bath salt to relieve stress, as an exfoliant for both skin and hair, and has also been known to be a great soaking remedy for muscle soreness. However, it has recently been found to be a welcome addition to yards for improved lawn health.


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How to use epsom salt for lawn care

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Zahid Adnan, founder of The Plant Bible, tells us that to use Epsom salt effectively on your lawn, it's important to apply it at the right time and in the right quantities. 'Typically, a dilute solution of Epsom salt can be sprayed or watered onto the lawn during the growing season. This can help address magnesium deficiencies in the soil and promote healthy grass growth,' says Zahid.

While we do encourage using Epsom salt while caring for your backyard, Zahid also warns against overapplying Epsom salt, as excessive magnesium can disrupt the balance of other nutrients in the soil and lead to negative effects on plant health. Additionally, Zahid informs us that Epsom salt should not be seen as a substitute for comprehensive soil testing and fertilization practices.

Tony suggests testing your soil to confirm a deficiency in magnesium to avoid oversaturating your lawn (you can find soil test kits on Amazon). He also recommends regularly aerating your lawn and removing thatch build-up can also help improve the effectiveness of Epsom salt by facilitating better soil penetration. All in all, this inexpensive and impressively helpful gardening trick is one that can transform your lawn from tired to thriving.

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