Designer Bobby Berk says we all need to "strip" our bed pillows for a better bedroom - we investigate

You'll be shocked by the results of this simple cleaning trick that Queer Eye's Bobby Berk has put on our radar

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I know you don't want to add more to your cleaning to-do list, but I recently came across this piece of cleaning advice I couldn't help but share. It's the idea of "pillow stripping" - a way of cleaning your bed's pillows.  You might think "why should I strip my pillows when I am already changing the covers?" However, once you see the results you will be convinced.

It is all the dirt you can't see that is the most alarming and after seeing interior designer and Queer Eye star Bobby Berk do his own pillows, I will never rest easy on my un-stripped pillows again. Stripping your pillows takes out all the build-up of sweat, oil, and dead skin cells to leave you with a refreshed bed in your modern bedroom

Luckily it is pretty easy and doesn't need to be done too frequently. Put a date in your diary and do them all at once, the results are so worth it (and oddly satisfying). 

Why should I strip my pillows?

When you sleep, you sweat, especially during the summer months. You also shed dead skin cells and most likely drool. This all ends up on your pillows. Changing your pillowcases once a week just isn't cutting it, this dirt runs deep.

Semi-regular pillow stripping is vital for removing deep-lying grime that is plaguing your pillows. You will be shocked by the sheer amount of visible build-up you see come out of your pillows. 

Some pillow brands suggest replacing your pillows every 1-2 years, but can you imagine the cost? To strip your pillows is to hit the renew button. You will be rewarded with cushions that are as good as new.

Once you see how grossly satisfying this video is you'll be running to do your pillows.

How do I strip my pillows?

As previously mentioned this isn't a weekly activity. Thankfully this task only needs to be repeated quarterly if not bi-annually, and it's super simple to do, according to Bobby Berk's process. 

1. Run a warm bath and add a mix of boras, baking soda, and detergent. Swirling round to mix it all up.

2. Submerge your pillow (without a case) in the warm water mixture.

3. Leave for 24 hours to pull out all the grime.

4. Ring out your pillow to remove all the excess water, then put it in the pillow in the washing machine on a short wash with no soap.

5. Lastly put the pillow in the dryer but ensure it is on low heat, we don't want a shrunken pillow.

And that's it, such an easy and quick task to achieve beautifully clean pillows.

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