5 crystals that people always pick for bedrooms – and where to put them for a 'rich and rewarding slumber'

What crystals are best for a bedroom? Experts say these picks will help you 'clear out negative energy and finally get the solid sleep you need'

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If you've clicked this far, it's probably fair to assume you've got a least a passing interest in crystals and the potential benefits they can offer to you. It's not for everyone, we know, but even if you don't believe in their healing capabilities, when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, nothing should be off the table. After all, when it comes to the mysteries of the human body, sleep is undoubtedly up there.

'Crystals can be placed anywhere in your home,' says Jia Jia Zhu, a jewelry designer, crystal expert and founder of JIA JIA. 'My suggestion is to always go with your intuition and place the crystal where it feels good to you.' Having said that, there are crystals that are believed to have properties that align well with the energy you want to foster in a bedroom, whether that be peace, rest or even romance. 

“There are several crystals that will help to soothe anxieties and clear the mind, granting us that mental space we need to let go of our worries and to find that mental space of rest,' says Brett Larkin, a crystal expert at Tiny Rituals. 'Healing crystals can help us to find that place of rich and rewarding slumber. By placing one of these rocks beneath your pillow or on your person, you could clear out negative energy and finally get the solid sleep you need.'

But which crystals are best for a modern bedroom? And where should you put them? We find out. 

Jia Jia Zhu
Jia Jia Zhu

Jia Jia Zhu received a message to work with crystals during a meditation in Bali. Her fascination with crystals and stones started as a child, where she would collect from the beaches in California. Now, alongside her contemporary jewelry and homewares brand, you can find them by her bedside, on the tables, and sometimes even in her plants! Jia Jia homeware offers a variety of products from bowls, coasters, bookends and more, all available on Net-a-Porter. 

1. Rose quartz

'For the bedroom, I personally love rose quartz for love and compassion in pairs,' says Jia Jia. 

Brett Larkin, from Tiny Rituals, agrees: 'Rose quartz is known for being one of the most radiant heart healers, meaning it can stitch up old wounds, and open your heart to love, trust, and effortless self-care,' he says. 'By keeping rose quartz close by, you may find the soft flow of sleep replaces those ruminating night-time routines.'

2. Celestite

When it comes to how to sleep better, celestite is the crystal for you. 'Celestite is a mineral crystal often associated with promoting relaxation, tranquility, and a sense of calm,' Brett explains. 'It is believed that its properties may indirectly contribute to a more peaceful sleep environment and improved sleep quality' 

Jia Jia agrees: 'I'd choose celestite for peace and tranquility,' she says. 

3. Selenite

Selenite is believed to be a crystal that can bring clarity to your inner thoughts. 'Helping to promote a restful night's sleep, this crystal hums with a high frequency that instantly puts you at ease,' Brett explains. 'Selenite is soaked in calm and helps remote negative energies – which is exactly the state of mind you need to be in to rest easy regardless of what is going on in the world outside.' 

4. Smoky quartz

'Smoky quartz is a great crystal for a grounding energy,' explains Jia Jia. It's a perfect choice if you struggle to wind down for the night once you get into bed. 

'It has an easy-going nature and an instant calming effect that can put you on the pathway to perfect shuteye,' says Brett. 

5. Amethyst 

'Amethyst is my pick for creativity and dreams,' says Jia Jia. It's a crystal known to be rich in healing energy that can help level out your emotions, and offer you happier dreams.   

'Particularly for those who struggle with nightmares, Amethyst can provide a sense of soft security all while clearing your third eye chakra and raising your crown chakra vibrations too,' Brett says. 

Where's the best place in the bedroom for a crystal?

The location of your crystal might depend a little on what you're hoping it achieves. 'It's great to have crystals on both sides of the bed, but it can be anywhere - wherever you feel most supported,' Jia Jia tells us. 'I've had clients who placed a large raw rose quartz right next to the bedside under the side table. I love crystal quartz clusters for bedside as the clusters. I also placed a smoky quartz by our television to support in taking away the electromagnetic currents creating a normally ungrounding device some grounding balanced energy,' she adds.  

'Other ways you can weave in the healing power of these sleep bright stones is tuck them beneath your pillow for added protection.,' Brett suggests. 'You can make it part of your bedtime routine to sit in a moment of meditation with your crystal and set an intention for deep and healing sleep.'

Are there any crystals you should avoid?

Fortunately, there aren't any crystals you could choose that would be bad for your bedroom, per se. 'I wouldn't suggest any crystals to avoid as crystals are very personal to a beholder,' Jia Jia tells us. 'It's important to feel into what feels good to place in the room. I do suggest however to not take a crystal prescription if it doesn't feel right. Usually the first crystal that feels good to you is the right crystal for you. You can then bring it into the bedroom and see if that's the right one for the space.' 

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