What Color Towels are Best for a Gray Bathroom? Experts Recommend These 3 Hues to Complete Your Palette

Brighten up a gray bathroom with these colorful towel options, recommended by designers

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Being an interior enthusiast can leave you puzzled by what may outwardly seem to be a rather simple decision. However, we understand that it's all in the details, and we respect the effort that people put into curating their ultimate living spaces. Towel colors are one of those dilemmas that can be considered trivial, but we believe that they can truly make a bathroom look chic or charmless depending on the tone alone, and when a space is primarily gray, the color of your adjacent accessories holds even more importance.

When you enter a spa, you can trace the cohesive aesthetic that has been planned out down to the minutiae. And why should that level of interior intricacy be left to the commercial establishments? You can bring that relaxed vibe home and perfect the look of a classy spa in your modern bathroom - and that includes coordinating your towels to your bathroom's backdrop.

When it comes to a bathing space with sultry gray walls, you may be wondering which shades will perfectly complement your backdrop. Well, we spoke to the experts and we've curated a range of tones that will aid you the next time you're scanning the aisles for bath towels.

1. Bright Shades

You may consider bright shades to be too much for a gray bathroom but we think that the juxtaposition of undertones will balance out resulting in a rather posh look and home expert Lindsey Harn agrees. 'Despite being bright colors, white or yellow colored towels pair well with a gray bathroom', she says.

Personally, we think that you can never go wrong with a fluffy white towel. Placing a white towel against a gray backdrop can transform the bathroom, making it look both clean and classy. Since white towels are a common household item, try hanging one up in your gray bathroom and see for yourself if it compliments the overarching colorway. If you have white or bright-toned bathware and hardware, chances are that it'll add to the coherence of the space in a rather refreshing way.

2. Pastel Hues

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In conversation with Elana Mendelson, she tells us that pastel-colored towels may be a surprisingly great option for gray bathrooms. 'If the goal is to complement the gray, using soft pastel colors like blush pink, pale blue, or mint green creates a calming and harmonious palette,' she says. 'These colors can also be integrated into other elements of the decor like hand towels, decor, bathroom mats, and shower curtains.'

While you may think of pastels as a category of towel colors to avoid when dealing with a deep shade like gray, we recommend giving them a second thought. They can add a touch of whimsy to the room without taking away from the overall aesthetic of the space. Additionally, using pastel colors can add a touch of brightness to the space.

3. Dark Tones

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If you are a fan of the monochromatic bathroom finish, opting for gray on gray is a great option. You can either match the shades precisely or mess around with the undertones and opt for lighter or darker shades within the color category. This will introduce a slight edge to the space while making it seem immaculately designed to a tee.

Joanna Ross, design expert at Sheridan, tells us that when choosing a bath towel to suit a gray bathroom, it’s best to opt for a color that has style longevity. She even suggests experimenting with a black towel for a dramatic look against the grey color scheme. 'A dark grey towel is always a timeless option and adds a chic feel to a gray bathroom,' she says. 'And blue will always be a fail-safe towel color in my opinion.'

Choosing the best bath towels, and the best color for your terrycloth - can truly change the entire vibe of the space and may even throw off the aesthetic of the room that you've tried so hard to master. So if you are trying to find the perfect towel shade match for your gray bathroom, try experimenting with these expert-approved hues and find the color that works best for you. It might just add the perfect splash of color to elevate your chic, gray space.

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