This Adaptable Battery Gadget is "Something Every Home Should Have in It", and It Costs Less Than $10

If your drawer is cluttered with different-sized batteries, this viral Amazon buy should be top of your wishlist

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In the name of spring cleaning, it's about time we get around to clearing out overstuffed drawers. If you're like me, then you probably have a drawer full of batteries of varied sizes taking up space and cluttering your storage, some of which are especially large and needed for just one random remote. In an increasingly electronic world where more and more devices are made portable (and thus battery-powered), they're a necessary evil, but Amazon has a clever gadget that will cut your cluttered battery collection in half.

We love smart home technology that declutters our space while making our lives a little easier, and this Amazon product happens to do both. We spoke to a professional organizer and this viral buy comes highly recommended for tech-savvy individuals who have one too many batteries. Every home will benefit from the super small adaptable device, plus it will cost you less than $10 to buy.

Batteries are commonly sold in packs and while we love a good value-for-money deal, it often leads to us being left with more batteries than needed at a given moment. We are then prompted to buy batteries of other sizes for specific gadgets and the vicious cycle continues. However, this Amazon buy seems to be the lovely problem-solving gizmo we never knew we needed.

As seen in a viral Instagram video, courtesy of home and interiors enthusiast Kristina Svezhintseva (@bloomandbabe), this Amazon battery converter comes with plastic cases that convert AAA batteries to the standard size of regular AA batteries. This makes it so that you can purchase fewer batteries and optimize your current ones for different devices.

Professional organizer, Di Ter Avest tells us that this battery adapter makes for a nifty decluttering trick. 'From an organizational point of view, this battery adapter could be a clever move if you've got a drawer full of AAA batteries taking up space and not much use for them, but find yourself in need of more AAs for your devices,' she says.

If AAA batteries are not your most used energy source, there happen to be other adapters that can also convert your AA batteries to D batteries. Organizational benefits aside, we also think that a battery converter can come in handy when you're in a fix and in dire need of a specific battery size for a flashlight, a remote, or any other commonly used home gadget. It's about time we tackle our tech drawers and get to decluttering so why not give this Amazon buy a try?

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