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Digital detox retreats, where gadgets are banned, switched off or just can’t connect to the Internet, are this year’s hottest holiday trend. Travelling to outer Alaska and paying $2,000 a night for enforced digital disconnection is admittedly a tad extreme. However, the concept of tuning out technology, even just for an hour or two, holds increasing appeal.

And you needn’t travel far. By targeting all the senses, rather than focusing on the purely practical, it’s possible to create a bathroom that is truly restful and restorative. An escape, not just from technology, but the increasingly frenetic pace of modern life. This is about taking wellbeing at home to the next level, with a space that not only looks calm but truly benefits both body and soul.

Designing a bathroom that boosts your mental health is easier than you think, thanks to Geberit’s holistic approach to mindful products. We reveal three key ways to help you target all the senses – including auditory, visual, olfactory and kinesthetic - while enjoying a wealth of highly functional features.

Go back to nature with myDay


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Biophilic design is thebuzzword of the moment, and it’s all about the health benefits of making daily connections with nature. With its softly organic shapes and nature-inspired colourways, Geberit’s new myDay bathroom collection was designed with biophilic principles in mind, helping you feel good every day.

Tones of glossy taupe and pure white provide a palette that is naturally calming. The look to seek out is relaxed, simple, fluid. Furniture should work in harmony, mixing and blending into each other. Don't forget the details. myDay’s washbasins all come with ceramic waste cover caps for a cohesive, clean interior.

Functionality should always be there but low-key and effortless. Go for drawers and doors that open and close smoothly, and quietly, while internal storage dividers are a must-have for maintaining order. Soothing to the senses on the inside, and out, the myDay collection contains all the tools to transform your bathroom into a peaceful yet practical space to relax, unwind and de-stress.

Embrace quiet tech with Xeno²


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It may be tempting to ban all tech in the bathroom, and that’s a great idea when it comes to your smart phone and tablet. Choose wisely, though, and tech can be a force for good. This is where Geberit’s Xeno²range excels – the tech works quietly, behind the scenes, to make your bathroom experience more enjoyable.

Take the Xeno²range of mirrors, which are softly illuminated by eco-friendly LEDs that are dimmable, allowing the atmosphere to be effortlessly switched from invigorating to relaxing. A memory function automatically recalls your last setting and hidden heat pads ensure mist-free reflections - bliss.

We also love the elegant LED light strip that sits between the basin and vanity unit below. Activated by an infra-red motion sensor, it makes nighttime bathroom trips safer, not to mention kinder on tired eyes.

Do harness the sensual benefits of tactile materials. The new matt-textured Varicor basin comes in two sizes, and feels velvety soft. Paired with furniture in the new Matt Grey finish, the tactile treats continue from vanity unit, to wall-hung storage, all available in a wide range of storage solutions and sizes.

Restore order with Smyle


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One of the easiest ways to enhance wellness is to de-clutter. With its contemporary design softened by sculpted lines, the recently revamped Smyle collection is perfect for creating a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

There’s nothing relaxing about being surrounded by chaos, which is why the Smyle collection includes a wide range of cleverly organised storage solution to help wrestle all your bathroom paraphernalia into place. The hidden towel hooks within shelving are a particularly neat solution for keeping towels tidy but accessible. Internal drawer inserts are also invaluable for preventing smaller items from getting lost.

Don’t underestimate the role that colour has to play on your ability to relax. Nature-inspired shades are believed to help lower the heart rate and reduce stress. Happily, Smyle’s newest colourways include natural tones like Hickory (above), Lava and Sand, which are soothing on the senses, not to mention on-trend.

By embracing clever product innovations and making thoughtful choices in materials, textures, and colours at every step, your bathroom can be transformed into a tranquil space of calm. From bathroom furniture and ceramics to flush plates and the industry-leading shower toilet, Geberit’s high-quality products focus on biophilic design, directly appealing to your senses and connection to the natural world.

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