Lindsey Lang's Bermondsey tile collection is mid-century amazing

If you loveLindsey Lang's signature print designs, you're sure to love her latest collaboration.

Bermondsey, a new tile collection withDomus, is a pared-back capsule of seven covetable styles with repeating patterns that will transform any space.

Named after the area in London where Lindsey's studio is based, its balanced and timeless designs are the perfect way to introduce texture and tradition into your home.

Comprising three terrazzo, two encaustic and two 3D cement tiles, every design in Bermondsey is a beautiful blend of soft pastel shades and a fresh take on familiar motifs. We guarantee that you'll struggle to pick a favourite.

Which is no surprise considering thatLindsey's mid-century style draws on a variety of influences, from colour theories and the geometry found in nature to Constructivism, Modernism and Abstract Expressionism.

For example, the London Chevron 3D cement tiles, available at Domus in pink and cream, feature motifs Lang developed from the history of London’s transport network.

She referred to Transport for London’s archives to develop a pattern originally created for London Underground by British painter Enid Marx in 1938, originally composed of a green and red grid of squares that formed an overall zig-zag shape.

They've been made using a process that Lang developed, involving building up layers of cement by hand, then pressing pigment into the surface.

Each tile features raised square, striped and rectangular sections that can be combined to create diamond-shaped outlines.

Bermondsey is available at Domus’s London Battersea showroom, and includes an exclusive colourway in the Scallop pattern using pink and cream terrazzo with grey cement – ideal for creating a statement floor.

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