Starting today and held in partnership with IKEA Museum (Almhult, Sweden), Home Futures is a peek into the future of our domestic lives – and a look back to see how the visions of the twentieth century have shaped up.

The ‘home of the future’ has long intrigued designers and popular culture alike. Bringing together avant-garde speculations with contemporary objects and new prototypes, Home Futures explores today’s home through the prism of yesterday’s imagination. The exhibition asks: are we living in the way that pioneering architects and designers once predicted, or has our idea of home proved resistant to real change?

With important works by Ettore Sottsass, Joe Colombo and Superstudio (among others), the exhibition takes us through over 150 objects and experiences. Historical notions of the mechanised home and the compact home are displayed alongside connected devices and modern phenomena, such as the sharing economy.

Rare works on display include original furniture from the Smithsons’ House of the Future (1956), original footage from the General Motors Kitchen of Tomorrow (1956), Home Environment by Ettore Sottsass (1972) and an original model of Total Furnishing Unit by Joe Colombo (1972), providing a thought-provoking view of yesterday’s tomorrow.

Based on six key themes – Living Smart, Living on the Move, Living Autonomously, Living with Less, Living with Others and Domestic Arcadia, the exhibition offers new perspectives that help us understand how life at home is changing, challenging the notions of privacy, exploring self-reliance and alternative ways of living. IKEA’s research is based on thousands of home visits that delves into our day-to-day needs and wants, to help unearth new solutions to everyday puzzles – whether that's limited space or rental options for urban nomads.

Open every day from 7 November 2018. For tickets and visitor information, go to The Design Museum