Making your wardrobe the starting point for your decor

We live during a time where there is a lot of ‘noise.’ Where once we just had glossy magazines helping navigate our journey to creating the look we want in our home, now we are bombarded with information on websites, social media accounts, Pinterest – which all makes it harder to make a decision.

For almost twenty years I was fashion editor on a string of national newspaper and magazine titles. Then it was purely about fashion, now each of those stores has brought out a homeware collection – diversifying the breadth of shops to buy in, too.


It can be really tricky trying to work out what your personal home style is – because there’s simply so much choice. But if you’re standing in your home wondering where on earth you should start, go back to fashion – go back to your own wardrobe and take a look at the pieces within that speak to you.

As an ex-fashion editor, I would say that. But Kate Watson-Smyth, author, interiors expert and founder of Mad About The House blog is also someone who espouses the virtue of looking at your wardrobe as a gateway to pinpointing your décor style.


I like to think of a room as if it were different items of clothing, with every piece playing a different role. Let’s take a living room as an example, walls are the largest area to consider, so you can think of them as you would the dress or trouser suit you’re choosing to wear that day.


A sofa – arguably the next largest surface area within the space - will be the coat you wear over the top. Cushions and rugs are your shoes and handbags, while your jewellery would be the accessories that tie the overall look together, like a plant or vase.


If you’re stuck on where to start, think about the principles you apply to your clothing style. For example, I am someone who is unapologetic about colour. My wardrobe is full of prints and clashing patterns mixed with a slight bohemian sensibility, so I began to mirror this in my home style too.


I’ve mixed bold shades of blue, green and splashes of yellow with textured prints and rugs, which is all reflected by the pieces in my QVC collection – bright, statement pieces that bring a bit of life to the corners of your home.

If you consider decorating a bit like getting dressed, using colours that you already know you like, starting a scheme won’t be quite so overwhelming.


As you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, use this as inspiration for your home décor too. Start introducing more vibrant colours and playful patterns. Just as you replace your wool coat with a lighter trench, you could swap in new cushions and brighten up your living room.


It doesn’t have to mean re-decorating your entire house every time the sun comes back out, but simply updating a few little accent pieces. A reversible throw like the one in my QVC collection is a great versatile piece to take you from season to season.


Your home is somewhere you spend so much of your time. You want it to feel like a little sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world, so comfort is also key! Ultimately, if you’re comfortable wearing something, you’ll probably be comfortable living with it.

For both my wardrobe and home, once I find those pieces I love that really fit my personal aesthetic, I just know they’ll last me for years.

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