IKEA and Sonos have announced the first details of their exciting partnership to create a range of speakers for the IKEA Home Smart collection,coordinating sleek sound and design in the home.

The range, which is called SYMFONISK (you might want to have a go at practicing saying that), is being been co-developed to fit IKEA’s Home Smart range, bringing Sonos’ sound system expertise to IKEA’s global interior design prowess.

The picture above shows the first glimpse of the collaboration - an early prototype - before the speakers go on sale later this year. And before you ask no, we don't think it'll be flat packed.

The SYMFONISKspeakers will be fully integrated with the Sonos Home Sound System, as well as with IKEA’s other Home Smart devices.

Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart, says: “Many people dream of built-in sound systems, but few can afford it. Sonos makes this dream a reality, and,our teams have been working to continue evolving the home listening experience.

"Our goal is for our collective work to save space, get rid of cables, make clutter invisible, and bring sound and music into the home in a more beautiful way,” says Block.

Stay tuned for more updates soon...