Rocking an edgy Cubist vibe, these hunky bookends throw some hardcore shapes, while the gold wall takes its lead from one of the movement’s standout masterpieces.

With an arrangement of colours to rival a Mondrian, this stylish cabinet would hold its own in any modern gallery.

Mounted on an azure blue wall, an abstract rug transforms into a show-stopping piece of art.

Decorated with Picasso-inspired line drawings, these fresh-faced jugs give a witty wink to the trend.

A punchy paper runs rings round Cubist shapes, with a snazzy table and chic chandelier circling in on the action.

Nodding to a rebel artist’s untamed brush strokes, this painterly fabric bigs up the vivid yellow chest.

A low-slung sofa daubed in a showy palette pings against the subdued colours and simple shapes in the rug.

The lines of the tables are set to repeat, while a pictorial cushion is the perfect foil to a raw and simplistic pendant.

Primary colours and hand-drawn shapes make for a dynamic wallpaper that’s beautifully framed by contrasting blues.

A headboard upholstered in vivid visages creates quite a face off. Threads of mustard help tie the look together.

Photography ⁄ Simon Bevan

Styling ⁄ Rebecca de Boehmler

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