Wine Room, Wine Cellar & Wine Storage Ideas

Forget about walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms, the ultimate room at the top of our wish list is a walk-in wine room...

If you look forward to wine o’clock every evening, why not turn a spot in your home into a stunning wine room? We’ve come across many chic, stylish and modern wine room ideas over the years, and have collated a few of the ones that stand out the most.

Whether you have an enviable collection of fine wines or like to stock up on cases of your favourites tipple, it’s essential to store your wines properly so it keeps well. Don’t have room for a dedicated wine room or wine cellar? We’ve looked around for some clever designs that show how you can transform an under stairs cupboard, a corridor, utility cupboard or kitchen corner into a striking feature that showcases your wines – no basement required.

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Illuminated cabinets and tall wall racks will help make a striking wine display, and giving it ladder access is both practical and super stylish. Built-in drawers with leather drawer pulls are a chic way to hide barware like corkscrews, glass decanters and other accessories. Glass doors will add a high-end feel to your new wine cellar, and displaying bottles on their side will make the labels easier to read, while wood grooves to hold the bottle necks in place will help prevent the bottles from rolling around.

Got a spare room (and a penchant for a cheeky Bordeaux)? Then a temperature-controlled display room that makes a feature of your prised wine collection can be yours. You’ll need to think about climate control, as wine is delicate and doesn’t do well with big temperature and humidity fluctuations.

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Got yourself a wine room already? Give it a window that offers an enticing teaser of what’s inside. You’ll also want to invest in good lighting, plus maybe even a bar table and stools for serving and lounging at, as well as a small wine fridge for champagne or fragile aged wine.

Don’t have a room to dedicate to your wine collection? Transform a basement corridor into a striking wall-to-wall illuminated wine display, or transform under-stair storage to create a wine display behind glass doors.

You could also create a dual-function utility space by having wines on show, and hiding more functional things like washing machines, freezers and dryers behind sleek cabinetry. Dividing the utility room from the kitchen with Crittall doors will give it a modern look.

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Got a basement that’s barely used? Create a full basement wine room, both for storage and for hosting wine tastings for friends. An underground wine cellar with a secret door will be the envy of all your friends. Underground Spiral Cellars don’t even require an existing basement. But they do give you instant access to your collection via a top door and a – you guessed it – spiral staircase. Made from concrete and with an external diameter of 2.3 metres, they’re capable of holding up to 1900 bottles of wine. They can be installed under any ground floor room – great for kitchens but striking in a hallway too. We’re sold.

Browse all of our striking wine room, wine cellar and wine storage ideas below…

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