These affordable "velvet" ornaments from Target are going viral - and they're now an even better deal in the sale for just $7

A six-piece set of ornaments from Target's Wondershop brand is doing numbers online ... and selling out fast

Illustration featuring Target's velvet ornament set
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Alexa, play the Vince Guaraldi Trio because Christmas time is here, indeed. But if you need any convincing of that, well, a visit to a few popular retailers should change your mind. And in few stores is the holiday section more prominent — and beloved! — then Target, whose private Wondershop label has some amazing finds for anyone looking for affordable but stylish Christmas decor. 

It's not exactly the last place you'd think of when it comes to where to buy Christmas decorations, but with so much choice, it's easy to overlook some great finds. Of course, TikTok has already made easy work of many of these products, including a 6-piece ornament set that is only $10 to begin with but is currently on sale for just $7. This inexpensive but trendy collection would look so great on your faux fir this year. 

The viral Target ornament set of the season

Flocked finial ornaments in white, grey, and black

(Image credit: Target)

I write about viral purchases every week — most of them quite large and somewhat expensive — so it was a welcome surprise to see the online passion surrounding this particular set of now-$7 flocked finial Christmas ornaments


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In some ways, I've witnessed the fervor swell in real time; I included this set of ornaments in a round-up on a new color trend for Christmas not too long ago, and now, the brown/neutral-toned colorway is out of stock. But minimalists should fear not! 

The grey colorway — which includes white, grey, and black finials — is still available, as is the pink set (my favorite), featuring varying hues of purple and pink. And if neither of those tickles your fancy, the blue, green, or red set should do it ... at least until the brown one is back in stock. 

But act quick; if TikTok is any indication (and it usually is), these babies will be out of stock faster than you can press "add to cart.".

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