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Switch off your alarm, pencil in an early night and don’t make any weekend plans that start before brunch. It’s not because you’ve been burning the midnight oil either. There’s a great reason to spend more time in bed, and it starts with a luxurious mattress that’ll transform the way you sleep.

Providing unparalleled support while using natural, sustainable materials, a mattress from master bedmaker Harrison Spinks is sumptuously special. Combining the latest innovations with traditional craft, its design unites the best of both worlds.

Discover what’s under the covers

Harrison Spinks takes a different approach to bed-making. A fifth-generation business with 180 years of heritage, all of its beds are expertly made by craftspeople in Yorkshire. And, unlike any other bedmaker, it grows or produces almost every element.

Since 2009, it’s owned Hornington Manor, a 300-acre farm where it rears sheep on pasture for their fleecy wool, and grows hemp and flax for the natural fibres that go into each mattress. So far, so eco. But the benefit of natural fibres goes beyond sustainability – they’re also better at regulating your temperature as you snooze, keeping you cool in the warmer months and cosy in the winter.

Harrison Spinks has taken attention to detail even further, though. It coils its own ultra-fine steel springs, including its award-winning Revolution springs and HD pocket springs, weaves its own fabric and fells its own timber for headboards from a responsibly-managed forest. Meaning that only the best goes into every bed.

Made for the chicest of cocoons

There are also stylish headboards, colour palettes, fabrics and storage configurations to create your sleep sanctuary once you’ve chosen your ideal mattress. The only question now is, which will it be? Harrison, which can be created in a bespoke size and firmness, luxurious Somnus with intelligent pocket springs, or one of its other covetable designs? Whichever one you choose, the future has never looked so comfortable…