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As making conscious choices continues to influence home and interior design, the durability of Denby’s handcrafted ceramics has more relevance than ever.

A single set of Denby stoneware with its 10-year guarantee can be used both everyday and for special occasions, making versatile pieces work harder than traditional tableware used just for ‘best’, saving on the purchase of multiple collections.

Part of the wider Studio collection, Studio Grey looks to introduce a natural aesthetic into the home, with honest materials and ceramic crafting techniques for pieces that are both beautiful and practical.

Denby’s stylish investment pieces are inspired by the desire to create ceramics that can be used beyond the kitchen and throughout the home.

Studio Grey, a new range for 2019, features new shapes, such as the Handleless Mug, which is equally suited to the bathroom and bedroom, used to hold coffee, toothbrushes and flowers on shelves.

As a champion for a lifestyle using long-lasting and sustainable products, and founder of BuyMeOnce, Tara says, “I love Denby because of their Styled By Life mantra. Their ceramics are beautiful, durable and versatile and are designed for real life and real people.”

Using a collection of Denby pieces and to inspire others, Tara has shared her own tips and ideas on how to create a more sustainable home:

1 Buy for the life you have

Before investing in new tableware or any homeware, think about what you really need. By making more conscious choices, you’re helping to look after the planet too. What are the essential pieces that you use every day? For me, it’s a pasta bowl as I can use it for practically every meal whether that’s salad, pasta, rice or dessert

2 Daily to-dos

Little changes every day can all add up to make a big difference. Preserve foods by freezing them so nothing is wasted, use a compost bin to tackle waste, use beeswax wraps rather than wasteful plastic and always recycle.

3 Create a versatile homeware collection

Whenever I add to my home, I ask myself - is it useful as well as beautiful? A pair of Denby mugs will update your tea and coffee pieces and can also be used for pens and plants in your home office. Choose versatile pieces that will work for different occasions.

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4 Mix old and new

Everything is inspired by the past so why not mix second-hand with new designs. A few classic pieces can make great additions to a new kitchen and timeless pieces will last a lifetime. I like to unearth vintage finds in charity shops or car-boot sales to style with my modern pieces.

5 Buy local

Try to support local brands and makers as it’s a much more thoughtful way to live. Denby is made in England, with all of their stoneware produced in Derbyshire using locally sourced clay.

6 Give moments

Be mindful of choices when giving gifts. Gifts that will last could be anything from a plant in a durable pot. Always give a meaningful, lifelong item that can be treasured.

Tara gives more information on these tips and the small changes that we can make in our daily lives to move away from a throwaway culture on Denby's first podcast, Denby Stories.

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