Let it grow: 7 of the best Indoor Watering Cans

Shower your plants with some serious love...

These charming indoor watering cans will make feeding your house or patio plants a pleasure, rather than a pain.

Their elegant forms turn a household chore into a calming ritual to look forward to. In addition, these beauties are attractive enough to be left on display in the kitchen, conservatory or shed.

Biophilic design (that’s bringing nature in to you and me) is on the rise. Indoor planting has been shown to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Not just that, a NASA study showed that ferns, palms and ivy aren’t just pretty to have around, they’re air-purifiers and toxin-busters; removing formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful household toxins, so it pays to perk up your space with plants.

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When it comes to the watering can, choose a size suitable for the amount of foliage that needs feeding, so you’re not back and forth to the tap to fill up.

If a selection of  succulents is all your green fingers stretch to, then a 1.5 litre watering can or smaller should suffice. Try the 1.5 litre Vivero from AYTM, the 1 litre brushed brass pitcher from Nordal or the 0.6 litre Grab by Northern.

If your home is filled with tall parlour palms, Swiss cheese plants and calantheas, then go for one of the larger models, such as the 5 litre Waterfall by Burgon & Ball or the 4 litre Diamond at Amara. These both have a generous capacity, as well as good looks.

For those whose house plants fall somewhere in between, the Globe by Eva Solo, is ideal for watering small and large plants. It can be switched from a concentrated jet of water to a shower spray, so you can drench those that need it, without drowning those that don’t, while Hay’s elegant number has an elongated spout so it’s great for any hard to reach pots.

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