Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner review

Our large appliances editor has reviewed the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner. Here's how she got on...

Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner
(Image credit: Hizero)
Livingetc Verdict

Not a vacuum cleaner and not a mop, the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner is one-of-a-kind which will do a superb job on your hard, sealed floors. It doesn't get too close to the walls nor is it the easiest or lightest to manoeuvre when ladled with water, but it'll still make a pretty good show for its efforts

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy to set up

  • +

    Fantastic results

  • +

    Storing takes up little space

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the easiest to manoeuvre

  • -

    Doesn't tuck up tight against the walls

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If, like me, you don't have carpet fitted in the downstairs of your home then you may be interested to hear about the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner which, essentially, does away with your best vacuum cleaner and mop. While it's not suitable for use on rugs or carpets, it is suitable for use on a range of sealed hard floors such as laminate and tiles - we have the latter. 

The Hizero was available in Australia, USA, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Canada so when I first heard about it launching in the UK back in March, I couldn't wait to find out what all the excitement is about. Here's how we got on...

Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

Product shot of the Hizero

(Image credit: Hizero)

Product spec:

  • Water capacity: 35oz / 994ml
  • Waste water capacity: 70oz / 2070ml
  • Trash capacity: 21oz / 600ml
  • Battery runtime: up to 60 minutes
  • Battery charge time: up to 4 hours
  • Noise: 60db
  • Weight: 8.59lbs / 3.9kg
  • Dimension: 29 x 20 x 120cm

Who does it suit?

The Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner is only suitable for use on sealed, hard floors such as marble, vinyl, tile and laminate. If you have pets and / or suffer from allergies, too, it'll be a good floor cleaning option to consider.

Unboxing and set up

The product box arrived in an Hizero-branded cardboard box, which ironically felt vacuum-packed and took me a good minute of feeling strong to release it. Inside the product box there was seemingly not too many parts  for me to feel too overwhelmed by so I felt confident in the set up which lay ahead. 

I don't tend to read instructions for cordless vacuum cleaners but I did in this case. I got so confused. The assembly instructions were incoherent with the sample I had. For example, the battery and solid waste tray was already installed, and it wasn't clear how I was to secure the handle as there was no mechanism to make this possible. Thankfully, I was reassured by the team that the manual is being updated to reflect new legalities and I was to use the supplied screw (originally meant for installing the battery) to secure the handle.

Once I had conquered slotting and screwing the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner altogether I was then onto getting it ready to use for the first time. The battery needed a top up so I put the base in our kitchen extension (yet to be renovated) where it was to reside until I'd finished reviewing. It didn't take up much space at all and since we have numerous random plugs dotted around the space, I chose a corner which would always be out of the way and not used for anything else.

The soft roller bar needed a soak before first use which took longer than I was expecting. The key was to use warm water. It acts like a sponge so I gently squeezed it as I ran the water over it, and sat it in the sink until it started bouncing back after a squeeze. It absorbed a lot of water so, again, like a sponge I removed as much water as I could before slotting it into the floorhead - it's a tight squeeze so any residue water would be pushed out anyway, but could make a bit of a puddle. 

Hizero polymer bar in water

Soaking the polymer in warm water is something you'll need to do regularly 

(Image credit: Future)

If you need, I'll refer you (as I was) to some how-to videos on the Hizero US and Hizero UK sites. These are worth a watch to help get a better understanding of the hard floor cleaner, plus some insight which you may have missed when trying to set it up correctly.


This is certainly unlike anything I have ever tested before, yet it is something of a hybrid between the best cordless vacuum and mop. It uses bionic technology, which is mechanical. The polymer roller picks up hard waste and mops the floor simultaneously, which is pretty genius. 

The only room in the house where I could try out the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner was the kitchen where we have tiled flooring. I was really tempted to try it out on our exposed Victorian floorboards but they are defo not sealed so avoided any risk of damage, especially since they took oh so very long to restore.

I first tried it out on the floor for its twice-weekly clean. There was crumbs, small chunks of food and cooking sauce splodges littered across it, especially tight-up against the cupboards.

First impressions were impressive. It picked up the crumbs and small chunks of food instantly, and the cooking sauces took just a few repeats to lift. Getting tight up against the kitchen cabinets and cooker wasn't easy, however, so a visible mark was left around the sides of the tiling where I couldn't clean - the floorhead is bulky so I've put it down to this. It used up all 350ml of water (a full tank) to clean our kitchen floor which is (approx) 80sq ft. There wasn't much water left on the surface of the tiles after the clean, although it did have a nice sheen to it so I treaded carefully back over it to get to the other side of the room.

Hizero cleaning next to cupboards

The Hizero gets as close as it can to the cupboards, but not quite close enough to avoid tide marks

(Image credit: Future)

For a closer look at its capabilities I did some spot testing with tomato sauce, sugar, flour and a generous amount of bread crumbs. To do this I refilled the 35oz / 994ml tank with water and focused on the sauce, first. 

It didn't smear but it did take a few goes to remove the sauce, just as it did with the more dried on cooking sauce from the previous clean.

Up next was scattering flour around the floor. I had high hopes for this since it is something with vacuum cleaners and even the best robot vacuums struggle with, but not mops. The flour take-up wasn't great, if I'm honest. The flour went a little clumpy and although the Hizero removed some of the dusting after a few roll-overs, the rest of it was pushed into the tile joins which meant that it was unreachable (unless it was a vacuum cleaner with suction) hereonin.

Hizero cleaning flour off the tiled floor

Cleaning flour for the first time for the Hizero was not the easiest challenge and is something which I won't be in a hurry to clean up again, without a vacuum cleaner near by

(Image credit: Future)

The granulated sugar and crumbs was easy to pick up in comparison, so anything of a liquid form or solid form works well for the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner. 

Anything else?
Although strictly speaking this is not a vacuum cleaner, by removing debris from the floor it is the closet comparison I can make but unlike vacuum cleaners, it doesn't  billow air (or anything). This makes it a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. I guess this is because there is no suction, which also makes the Hizero tremendously quiet. So quiet, in fact, that it has been awarded the well renowned Quiet Mark.

Cleaning, maintenance and storage

The control panel on the Hizero

The control panel on the Hizero will let you know when the water tank is empty, when the waste water needs emptying and when the battery is low

(Image credit: Future)

Playing around with these little spot tests used up the fresh water which then filled up the dirty water tank. The handle on the Hizero has a series of lights which indicate various things, one of them being when you've run out of fresh water and the other being when the dirty water tank is full. These are easy to clean / empty which can be done so by unscrewing the lids.

Cleaning the dirty water tank on the Hizero

The waste water tank can hold 600ml / 21oz of water

(Image credit: Future)

What isn't so quick and easy, however, is then also cleaning the 21oz / 600ml trash out and rinsing the brushbar pretty much every time after use. If you've used it regularly throughout the week then you'll want to be cleaning the filter, too. This all took an additional 5-or-so minutes to clean after emptying the dirty water tank, so is something to bare in mind if you're wanting to very quickly clean up a spill. 

There is one big plus point when it comes to cleaning though; the polymer roller is self cleaning which cleans itself in real time as you're using it, which is pretty magic. This means that there is no need to remove it for a rinse after each use - once it's in place after its first soak, there's no need to remove it unless you have to for maintenance reasons.

Hizero trash box

Not the nicest photo to see but this is the trash box after a twice-weekly floor clean and spot clean test

(Image credit: Future)

Longer term care for the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner is to replace the brush roller when the bristles start to loosen or deform. These can be bought for $28.99 on Amazon / £29 from Hizero UK. It's also recommended that you change the polymer roller every six months which can be bought for $39.99 on Amazon / £35 from Hizero UK.

You'll see that when you dock the Hizero after each use, after removing the brushbars, that there is space to stand them up either side of the (now) upright Hizero. The little brush and any small bottle of formula can nest neatly, too. It's one thing which annoys me when there's various attachments to a vacuum cleaner, for example, with no where to put them so it's really refreshing to have a storage solution like this considered.

Storing the Hizero

Storing the Hizero doesn't take up much space and all accessories can be stored alongside it

(Image credit: Future)

Livingetc verdict: should I buy the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner?

I've used the Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner several times during the period I've tested it for and each time I use it, the quicker and easier it gets. It's really good at sweeping and mopping liquids and solid foods, and it doesn't take much effort to make this happen.

Although I believe that this won't replace your vacuum cleaner - even your best handheld vacuum - it will halve the cleaning time it takes to clean your floors since the Hizero will take care of every step. It isn't the quickest to clean because there are a few stages to jump through but this will certainly speed up the more often you use the floor cleaner. Priced at $749 / £499 is it worth it? If you have a large sq.footage of sealed hard flooring in your home, most definitely.

Hizero was founded in 2013 on the belief that everyone loves clean floors, but most loathe the time and effort it takes to clean them. That belief led to four years of innovation from our team of engineers and designers, who created the revolutionary cordless hard-floor cleaning solution that Hizero offers users today.

David Watt at Hizero

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