This Viral $15 Kitchen Buy is a Must-Have for Anyone With a Coffee Maker that Uses a Water Tank

If you want to simplify your barista bar, this gadget is a game-changer

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For coffee enthusiasts, few things prompt more elation than waking up each morning with the knowledge that a silky coffee from your fancy coffee maker is just moments away. The gentle whir and hum of the grinder followed by the smooth trickle of the coffee into a mug is enough to lure us out of bed even on the groggiest Monday mornings. 

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. The inevitable maintenance that comes with owning a coffee machine quickly becomes a chore. It's something that's constantly looming on the horizon and ruining the buzz of your coffee ritual. Lazy as it might sound, even the simple act of refilling the water tank — hauling it back and forth to the sink every time it runs low — can feel tedious.

If that sounds familiar, you're not alone. Luckily, I stumbled across a viral kitchen buy that might just be the answer to all our coffee convenience prayers. This $15 gadget is a real game-changer, and if you ask me, it's a must-have addition to your coffee bar. Here's why. 

I was introduced to a simple yet genius hack thanks to coffee connoisseur and content creator Alejandra Mojica. Sharing a video on TikTok , she demonstrates how she uses a silicone funnel to fill her Breville water tank without having to lug the heavy container over to her kitchen sink

The clever silicone funnel, which is food-grade safe, is available on Amazon for just $15, and it's guaranteed to simplify your barista bar. To use it, simply open up the lid of the water tank, prop the funnel above the coffee maker leading into the water tank, and pour a jug of water through it. With its small feet, you can safely prop the funnel on the top of your coffee machine without fears of it falling off, and while Alejandra uses hers on a Breville coffee maker I reckon it's suitable for use on most large varieties with a water reserve. 


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In her video, Alejandra claims this device is the best solution for anyone with a coffee machine under a cabinet, however, professional organizer Ben Soreff says it's important to consider the logistics of using this helpful appliance. 'When we set up coffee and tea stations, often the coffee or hot water maker will not fit under the cabinets and therefore our placement options can be limited,' he warns. 

'This product would, in theory, allow you to keep the maker under the cabinet and still fill it,' he goes on to explain. 'However, like all gadgets, the devil is in the details. Where will this item live when not in use? Will it get dirty? Does the maker need to live under a cabinet? If counter space is tight then this product would help you but make sure it doesn't turn into just another piece of kitchen clutter.'

Professional organizer Di Ter Avest has another suggestion to make your coffee machine easy to reach. 'If you're looking for another alternative, you can install self-adhesive caster wheels on the bottom of the espresso machine to access the water tank,' she says. 'They're also useful because you can easily access the water reserve for quick cleaning.' This simple trick can also make all of your countertop appliances more practical, too. 

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