The best Black Friday deals for pets - dog beds, cat toys and the ultimate animal pamperers

Black Friday deals for pets to ensure your beloved furry friends get the five star treatments they deserve

Luxury Mattress Style Dog Bed – Charley Chau
(Image credit: Charley Chau)

Black Friday deals for pets couldn't be more timely to ensure you can pamper them for Christmas. As (probably) the most beloved members of your family (although my cat did swipe me this morning for no reason I was tickling her ears, so that fact is debatable today), pets deserve a little treat. After all, they've watched you working from home for much of the last two years, put up with you being around more than normal and probably still being too busy to give them all they attention they crave.

So this selection of the best Black Friday deals for pets should help to redress that balance, making them feel loved in a way that only a XXXXX can. 

the best Black Friday deals for pets

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GoFirst Dog Bed | was £48.99, now £39.19, save 20%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

Hurry, this deal is only live for today, but this squashy, comfy dog bed is currently 20% off. It's made from jacquard sofa cloth which means that it's both durable and a similar material to your favorite duvet cover. If this is a dog's life then where can I sign up?

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Lily's Kitchen cat and dog food | Prices vary depending on product, up to 33% off, Amazon (opens in new tab)

I once got my cat a Lily's Kitchen advent calendar. I woke up in the night between December 4th and 5th to hear a lot of rustling - she'd broken into it and was eating a whole month's worth of biscuits in one go. Clearly, it was a hit. Thanks to these offers, you can get your pet way more than just 24 days of treats - the vast range of pet foods are up to one third off. 

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Zellar Pet Car Booster Seat for Small Dogs Cats | was £25.90, now £15.19, Save 41%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

Yes, safety is paramount when it comes to transporting your loved ones around, but doesn't it make it easier to obey the highway code when it also looks as cute as this? Shove your cat, dog or guinea pig into this booster seat, now 41% off, and give yourself insta content for days. 

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PawHut Pet 4 Wheels Travel Stroller Dog Cat Pushchair Trolley Puppy Jogger Folding Carrier | was £59.99, now £42.29, save 18%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

No, this isn't a pushchair for your human child, but genuinely for your pet baby. Pooches don't come more pampered than this but, if your dog won't go for a walk by itself then perhaps you need to the legwork. Or, could this work for your hamster to get some fresh air?

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Muswanna Dog Snuffle Mat | was £22.99, now £16.61, save 28%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

Not only does this colourful cushioned mat look like one of those ragtag rugs you might have bought in Brighton in the 90s (just me? Surely not), it also claims to motivate your dog's curiosity and challenge their brain. While forcing them to be really cute as they snuffle for food. Adorable.

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AWOOF Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs | was £29.99, now £25.49, save 15%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

Talking of snuffle mats (did you know they were a thing?) this one, for large dogs, looks like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors and will keep them amused for hours.

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Dog Paddling Pool | was £39.99, now £25.49, save 36%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

This pet's paddling pool has me torn. On the one hand, it's ideal for dogs - it folds away neatly, it can be taken on camping trips or out in the garden or used a bath in the utility room - and kids can splash around in it too. On the other hand, it feels like a torture instrument for cats. Can you imagine? Best stick to canines only for this saving of 36%. 

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Anlitent Lightweight Non-Pull Harness and Leash Set | was £9.99, now £7.99, save 20%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

Yes, this simple to use, comfortable-for-the-animal harness and leash set is for both dogs and cats, but  of the two, I had to include the picture of it on a kitty. A bit like the paddling pool above, can you actually imagine the sheer look of your cat's disgust?

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Electric Dancing Fish Cat Catnip Toy  | was £11.99, now £8.88, save 26%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

The joy this dancing fish will bring to your kitten would be cheap at twice this bargain price. Wind it up and watch them go. 

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PRESSED TO FRESH - Pet Urine Odour Eliminator & Neutraliser | was £16,99, now £12.99, save 24%, Amazon (opens in new tab)

If any of the above toys, treats and treasures have got your pets a little too excited, then this well-reviewed product is exactly what you need. Mmmm, orange fresh.