The "Rom Com" Decor Trend is all About Charmingly Characterful Spaces — Here's How Designers are Using it

Inspired by the nostalgia of Nancy Meyers movies, this interior design trend is all about recreating the iconic aesthetic for a home that feels like you're living in a rom com

A living room with two arm chairs, a sage green wall with a wallpaper border, and patterned curtains
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There's no comfort quite like watching your favorite rom-com. Nestled on the sofa with snacks in hand as a predictable love story plays out in front of you is the best way to while away an evening if you're craving that cozy, gushy feeling. And it's even better when your home reflects that same sentiment, too.

That's what the latest interior design trend on everyone's lips is all about. Inspired by classic Nancy Meyers movies - think: The Holiday, Home Again, Something's Gotta Give - the decor trend is about recreating the homey aesthetic seen in such films, a design style that's grown a cult following over the past few decades.

As an interior design trend, it's difficult to define through distinct features alone - it's more about the comforting feeling of a characterful, well-curated home than anything overly specific - but there are certain touches designers are especially drawn to that closely align with 2024's biggest decor trends. Here's how designers employ the idea to create charming spaces that feel straight from a Nancy Meyers film set.

What is 'Rom-Com' decor?

A dining room with a round table, boucle chairs, and a brass lamp shade overhead

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Rom-com decor - or a Nancy Meyers aesthetic - is all about replicating the cozy, characterful feel of the homes seen in her movies. 'It captures the beloved interior design from our favorite romantic comedies and brings it into our homes,' says Theresa Butler, principal and founder of Theresa Butler Interiors.

When you think back to your favorite rom-com and imagine living in the protagonist's home, it feels imperfect and lived-in, yet comforting, uplifting, and warm. 'Imagine the cozy charm of the houses in The Holiday, the vibrant apartments in 13 Going on 30, or the nostalgic feel of Just Like Heaven,' Theresa explains. 'This style revives the multi-layered aesthetics of the late '90s and early 2000s rom-coms, offering a comforting and reminiscent atmosphere, akin to stepping back into your childhood home.'

How to apply the rom-com decor trend to your home

Unlike other interior trends, there are no distinctive features that define rom-com decor, but these are the elements that underpin the look according to designers.

1. Curate a space that reflects your personality

A closet space in a b bedroom with a white dresser, pink patterned wallpaper, and a floral upholstered barrel chair

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The homes of Nancy Meyers' characters always feel cozy, charming, and brimming with personality. One of the best ways to bring the essence of rom-com decor into your home is simply by making it uniquely yours.

'After 2.5 to 3 years of separation and quarantine due to COVID-19, the era of white, empty walls is over,' says Theresa. 'Just like in your favorite rom-com, our spaces should reflect our personalities with layered materials and colors, showcasing more personal items and style.'

Eclectic style is everywhere right now. With vintage decor on the rise and an appreciation for all things kitsch, incorporating one-of-a-kind furnishings into your space can make it feel like a true extension of your personality. 'Take the movie 13 Going on 30, for example. Jenna’s apartment features a beautifully organized wood walk-in closet, reflecting her successful career in fashion editing,' notes Teresa. 'In contrast, Matt’s apartment is cluttered with prints and photos, indicative of his struggling photography career.'

'In Just Like Heaven, Elizabeth’s San Francisco apartment is bright and colorful, with many patterns, wood floors, and furniture,' she goes on. 'Similarly, in The Holiday, Iris’s cozy English cottage is layered with patterns and colors, while Amanda’s LA house is personalized with books, movies, and comfortable seating. These spaces are appealing because they are comfortable, cozy, and colorful, reflecting the characters’ personalities. This is what we seek: an inviting, lively space that mirrors who we are.'

2. Commit to a theme or design style

A quick search of the Nancy Meyers aesthetic and you'll soon realize it incorporates many an interior design style. Diane Keaton's coastal beach house in Something's Gotta Give is a far cry from Reese Witherspoon's pink-themed living room in Home Again, but both have a clear design theme.

There's typically a clear gender distinction, too. 'Besides our collective obsession with Nancy Meyers movies and their signature, white marble and croissants aesthetics, rom-com movie sets provide vast interior inspiration particularly because they always feature "his and hers" apartments which, by definition, must be polar opposites and stereotypically masculine and feminine.,' explains designer Bethany Adams. This means the decor of "her" apartment is always free-spirited and fun, whereas "his" apartment is always a masculine, muted treat of either sleek modernism or cool classicism.'

As an example, she points to the profusion of mismatched florals and purple walls of Andie's apartment in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days contrasted with Ike's book-strewn pre-war apartment in Runaway Bride. 'What's not to love about either?' asks Bethany. 'The key takeaway is to grab onto a theme - florals, bookshelf wealth, coastal grandmother - and hold onto it for dear life and you will live happily ever after.'

3. Add whimsical touches

A pink themed bedroom with a patterned wallpaper, a pink ceiling, and a styled bed with velvet cushions

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A rom-com wouldn't be a rom-com without a romantic whimsical touch, and neither will a home. Whether patterned furniture or playful rugs, there are plenty of whimsy ways to create spaces that feel inviting, nostalgic, and sentimental.

Chelsea Clark of I Love Wallpaper recommends detailed wallpaper ideas for a fanciful feel. 'Think charming illustrations, floral motifs, and dreamy landscapes,' she says. 'These designs spark joy and create memorable focal points. Heritage-style designs, in particular, evoke a sense of timeless elegance, seamlessly blending tradition with modern aesthetics.'

According to Chelsea, the key is to strike a harmonious balance between pattern and plain color. 'By combining different wallpaper patterns, homeowners can achieve depth and visual interest in their homes,' she notes. 'Rich textures, intricate details, and vintage color palettes can transform spaces quickly and easily, making them perfect for creating cozy nooks or accent walls.'

4. Draw on nostalgia by blending old and new

sitting room in cream tones with two rattan chairs and vintage console

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman. Design: Martyn Lawrence Bullard)

'The nineties are back in a big way and nothing evokes the nineties like a classic meet-cute rom-com,' says Bethany. The best way to draw on this retro theme without dating your space? Blending old and new for a transitional style that feels timelessly elegant and sophisticated.

'The rom-com decor trend is all about infusing spaces with a sense of nostalgia, playfulness, and romance,' notes Chelsea. 'A key aspect of this trend is pattern layering, where different patterns and textures are combined to create a rich, eclectic look.' Think aged woods, velour or velvet textures, and contemporary clean, crisp lines. Maybe there's even a lava lamp or angle-poise light thrown in the mix.

Paying homage to classic trends but giving them a modern twist will make your space feel like the perfect mix of retro rom-com meets present-day for a Nancy Meyers-inspired home that feels uniquely yours.

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