First Look At The Latest Tile Trends From Salone del Mobile 2024 — Marazzi and Ragno's Designs "Create Joy"

The Italian brand known for its high-quality ceramic tiles is pushing the boundaries of creativity and art with their latest collections

Milan Design Week Marazzi Golden Leaf Incanto wall slab in gold leaf
(Image credit: Marazzi Golden Leaf Incanto)

Marazzi and Ragno, brands recognized for their high-end ceramic tiles, are not ones to skip on artistic flair. We’re seeing a real development lead by passion for craft, towards pieces that have a unique look and celebrate the artisanal skills of makers. The abilities of such a renown brand extend to technological innovations being brought into the mix, and, together with strong inspirations from the natural world, create designs of exquisite beauty and character.

Marazzi’s latest collections, Slow and Art Craft, alongside Ragno's Golden Leaf Incanto, are bringing together manual skills and artisanal know-how to create pieces that will live on beyond trends. These collections are a joy to discover and just as we’re celebrating the best of design with our Italian Issue for Spring 24, they couldn’t come to inspire us at a better time.

The Golden Leaf Incanto Collection is an expression of luxury

Milan Design Week Marazzi Golden Leaf Incanto wall slab in gold leaf in home office

(Image credit: Marazzi Golden Leaf Incanto)

Part of the Incanto collection blending nature, artisanal skill, and technological innovation, the new Golden Leaf Slab is an item of beauty and a perfect embodiment of the new pretty design trend. Stemming from the collection’s traditional marble effects, it embraces an aesthetic inspired by nature. What gives it a particularly unique look is its surface texture enhanced by both artisanal skill and technology.

Milan Design Week Marazzi Golden Leaf Incanto wall slab in gold leaf in dining space

(Image credit: Marazzi Golden Leaf Incanto)

The distinctive gold finish originated while the brand’s team researched into the antique gold leaf technique, used in art, craftsmanship and architecture to decorate objects and surfaces with exceptionally thin sheets of pure gold alloyed with other precious metals. The gold leaf therefore became the dominant theme, making this the most exquisite of the Incanto collection stoneware slabs.

The artisanal manual skill of this process, combined with the masterly use of precious materials, merges with digital technology to create a truly unique product, transforming every slab into a genuine work of art that will elevate living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms alike, and create a very luxurious feel. 

The Slow collection showcases varied natural textures

Milan Design Week Marazzi Slow collection in terracotta, bathroom design

(Image credit: Marazzi Slow)

The love for natural elements is becoming bigger and bigger within the design world, with brands not only drawing inspiration for patterns and themes, but also using natural materials for their unique textures and warm, welcoming feel that they create in a home. Marazzi is bringing terracotta back to our attention with its inviting shades that call to mind an ancient tradition, rooted in Mediterranean history, where hand-shaped clay was used to create items of timeless beauty. With the aid of 3D Ink Premium Technology, the Slow collection offers tiles that combine unique patterning and textures in every piece, recreating the matt, sandy yet iridescent surfaces typical of clays.

The six sizes available, from square to rectangular, enable a versatile approach to spaces and layouts, allowing for bold combinations of contrasting materials within the collection itself, such as Rafia or Tapis, which provide smooth or more structured textures, ideal for creating tone-on-tone carpet effects, or experimenting with different tile installation layouts.

The Art Craft collection celebrates designs with a very human feel

Milan Design Week Marazzi Art Craft terracotta tiles wall around fireplace

(Image credit: Marazzi Art Craft)

The 20x20 square, brick and hexagon tiles in this collection have slightly irregular surfaces and edges, evoking the work of the craftspeople’s hands and tools. This creates a very human feel to each piece, that makes it unique. Available in seven colours, from Argilla to Coccio and Sabbia, these tiles also include three-dimensional rib structures, together with both geometrical motifs and motifs inspired by traditional ceramics.

Milan Design Week Marazzi Art Craft terracotta colorful tiles in kitchen

(Image credit: Marazzi Art Craft)

The Art Craft tile collection’s rich array of colours and designs make it suitable for plenty of personalised combinations, from bathrooms to kitchens and beyond, proving a wonderful solution for spaces that are unique, interesting, and intricate.

Don’t miss Marazzi’s suite at this year’s Salone del Mobile

Milan Design Week Marazzi Urban Hotel Suite

(Image credit: Marazzi Suite at Salone del Mobile)

If you’re in Milan for Design Week this year, make sure to stop by Marazzi’s urban hotel suite at Salone del Mobile. What is it I hear you ask? A truly luxurious refuge of about 200 square metres, with simple, elegant interiors, alternating both private and public spaces. The transitions between the suite’s areas are defined by meticulously chosen architectural details which separate spaces and generate an overall sense of harmony and calm.

Milan Design Week Marazzi Urban Hotel Suite

(Image credit: Marazzi Suite at Salone del Mobile)

The suite will offer a rich, yet sophisticated experience, where the Top Stone Look and Marble Look large ceramic slabs are widely used, from the wall coverings to the furniture, creating a flowing dialogue between the marble and stone effects and the suite’s rooms. 

The power of this interplay of surfaces is enhanced by Marazzi's 3D Ink Premium Technology, which enables perfect matching between ceramics’ patterns and textures to achieve an extraordinarily realistic material effect, and the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology, able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms (we’re thinking perfect for surfaces in contact with food). This is definitely a space that will leave you inspired, and with a long wish list of must-haves for your own home.

Discover more Marazzi collections.

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