This New IKEA 'Mini-Greenhouse' is What Every Beginner Gardener Needs to Start Out Their Spring Seeds

Whether you're growing flowers or vegetables, this stylish greenhouse makes the perfect addition to your indoor garden

A small yellow greenhouse on a work bench
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With spring on the horizon, gardening trends are everywhere as we start to plant our flowers, check in on our lawns, and cultivate our outdoor spaces. If you've not got much outdoor space, however, indoor gardens can offer just as much joy, especially this time of year. 

We all know how houseplants can bring your interiors to life, but using an indoor greenhouse is a great way to bring flowers and even some compact vegetables inside too. February is also a key month to start sowing seeds indoors before transplanting them outside and, as ever, IKEA has the perfect solution to get you started. 

The new ÅKERBÄR range from the Swedish homeware brand features a stylish indoor greenhouse, making for some seriously hassle-free gardening (plus it comes in a joyful sunny yellow shade that's sure to brighten up your windowsill). Not sure where to start? We spoke to gardening experts to bring you the best seeds to plant in this compact greenhouse for a flourishing indoor garden this spring. 

What's new at IKEA? 

A yellow mini greenhouse on a windowsill

(Image credit: IKEA)

The new ÅKERBÄR indoor greenhouse at IKEA is the perfect affordable accessory for novice and expert gardeners alike who are looking to bring a touch of the outside, in. Whilst providing ample light to help nurture your plants, the framing comes in yellow, black, and white meaning that whatever your aesthetic, the greenhouse will be a stylish, sleek addition to your home. 

A little like container gardening, using an indoor greenhouse is perfect for making the most of even the tiniest spaces. Available in two different sizes, you can choose little or large to suit the seeds that you want to sow. What's more, its lightweight nature means that even with plants inside, it's super easy to move around your home to chase the sunlight or change up a room's decor when you fancy a refresh.

It's not just for the design-minded to swoon over the aesthetic. Of course, it has functionality at its heart, which means it's earned the seal of approval from expert gardeners, too. 'The ÅKERBÄR enhances indoor spaces with greenery and serves multiple uses, from starting seeds to nurturing humidity-loving houseplants, making indoor gardening more accessible and enjoyable,' says Tony O'Neill of Simplify Gardening.

What seeds should you sow in an indoor greenhouse? 

Indoor greenhouse in living room

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One of the biggest advantages of the ÅKERBÄR indoor greenhouse is the multitude of plants that it can house. From flowers to vegetables, this greenhouse is sure to suit whatever your gardening desires may be. 

'For beginners, herbs like basil and mint are low-maintenance choices,' says Zahid Adnan of The Plant Bible. 'More experienced gardeners might enjoy experimenting with flowering plants or compact vegetables such as cherry tomatoes.' Lots of vegetables to plant in spring should also be started indoors, and this mini greenhouse offers the perfect environment to sow your seeds. 

We love a low-maintenance houseplant and the ÅKERBÄR greenhouse offers a great way to incorporate some smaller houseplants into your home. Not only does this give them a great environment in which to thrive (perfect for creating enough warmth through the end of winter) but it houses them in a stylish and compact way. Tony says resilient houseplants such as succulents and African violets are best suited for the warmth of a windowsill greenhouse.

How should you care for plants inside a greenhouse? 

Indoor greenhouse with plants

(Image credit: IKEA)

Once you've chosen the plants that you want to showcase to turn your windowsill into an indoor garden, you'll need to think about how to look after them to achieve guaranteed vibrant blooms. 

'Lighting is a critical aspect, especially for plants requiring bright, indirect light,' says Tony. 'While the ÅKERBÄR's transparent design allows for ample natural light, supplementing with grow lights can ensure that all plants, including those with higher light needs, thrive throughout the year.' 

Watering your plants is essential to ensuring they grow to be as healthy as possible. You want to ensure that you're keeping them regularly hydrated but that you don't overwater as this can cause a loss of vigor in the plant or yellowing leaves. 

Overall, though, you can rest assured that by housing your plants in this little greenhouse, your plants are already set to be a standout feature of your home. 

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