It's decided - bauble arches are our favorite Christmas decoration trend. Here's how to make one

A DIY bauble arch this Christmas is a surefire way to fill your home with festive spirit

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If you're tired of decorating your home with the same old dusty Christmas decorations year after year, you might want to give a bauble arch a go. The latest festive decor trend has taken TikTok by storm and we love how well it can instantly elevate a space. 

As the name suggests, a bauble arch is nothing more than a doorway (or archway) decorated with baubles. You might be familiar with them at the entrance to your favorite department store each Christmas season, but now the high-end decor idea has made its way into our own homes. 

Creating a bauble arch might sound complicated, but all it involves is adorning doorways with baubles and string lights. The result? Christmas decor that makes you feel like an excitable child every time you walk through your home. It's a far more professional take on Christmas decorations than your typical tree or garland, and it's an excellent space saver, too. 

Whether you want a more unusual alternative to the Christmas tree this year, or if you're just looking for a way to embrace as many decorations as possible, here's how you can make one in your home.

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Lilith Hudson

Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She's committed to helping readers make the best choices in their homes through sharing practical tips and guides for all their DIY decor ideas. With Christmas just around the corner, here she details how to make TikTok's latest trend, a DIY festive bauble arch, for a simpler alternative to a festive garland

How to make a bauble arch 

1. Be prepared

Before you begin building a bauble arch, you'll need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment to get started. Fortunately, the materials can be bought for a reasonable price, making it a great way to cheaply decorate for Christmas.

Of course, there's also the fact that the baubles can be used year after year for other purposes too, making this Christmas decoration a worthy investment. Festooning your home with bauble arches might just be your new Christmas decoration tradition! 

You'll need:

Plastic coated chicken wire 

Screw-in hooks (or self-adhesive alternative)

Battery-powered string lights

200 - 300 baubles

Tinsel or faux foliage (optional).

2. Find the perfect spot

You'll also want to give some thought to where you create your DIY bauble arch before you put your DIY skills to the test. This professional looking decoration makes a statement above any doorway, but it deserves to be seen. 

If you have a large entryway, a bauble arch will look excellent over the doorway through to the main adjoining rooms and will make the perfect talking point for guests. Or, if you host the family Christmas dinner, perhaps your dining room is the perfect spot to introduce some festive cheer without limiting the space around your busy table. A bauble arch also lends itself particularly well to arched doors, so if you have any in your communal spaces, be sure to make use of them!

You can also create a bauble arch outside for a festive porch decor idea that will stop passers-by in their tracks, just be sure to use heavier duty hooks and quality baubles that will withstand wet and cold conditions. 

As for color palettes - stick to the six colors of Christmas or go modern. 'I'm making one in a mix of sage greens, oranges and browns,' says Livingetc's editor Pip Rich.

3. Lay the foundations

To allow you to start decorating with baubles, you'll first need to fix the chicken wire onto your desired wall by hanging it onto the hooks. You can either drill the hooks into the wall or use self-adhesive hooks, like these ones from Amazon. It's recommended that you use a plastic coated form of wire, like this roll from Amazon, to protect your walls from any scrapes or damage. 

Use strips of chicken wire at least 12 inches wide around the perimeter of your doorway to ensure you have a full-looking bauble arch. If it's too slim and sparse, it will lack the same show-stopping effect! Use at least one hook in each corner of the strips of chicken wire, making sure it's fastened and taut. This will form the foundation on which to create the arch. 

4. Build the arch 

100-piece set of red Christmas baubles, Amazon 
Deck the halls

100-piece set of red Christmas baubles, Amazon 

This set of 100 baubles in various sizes and finishes including shiny, glittery and matte, is perfect for completing a bauble arch. These decorative balls are lightweight, durable, and shatterproof, making them a safe choice for your doorway. They also come in brown, silver and gold varieties, too.

Now for the fun part. To add some brightness to your display, intertwine some LED lights throughout the chicken wire, securing them with more hooks if needed. We love these battery-operated LED string lights from Amazon for their delicate, warm glow. For a brighter twist, try using multi-colored lights instead.  

Once the lights are attached, tie the baubles one by one to the wire frame to form a pattern. To create depth and dimension, use a range of different sizes with some closer to the wall. For a traditional Christmas look, use green, red and gold colored baubles or for a white Christmas feel, go for cream and silver varieties. Be sure to use plastic baubles only to avoid any accidents with smashed glass. 

After you have created your design, slip tinsel or faux foliage s in between sections of the baubles to add fullness and shape. (We love these pretty sprigs of faux eucalyptus from Lulu and Georgia.) This part is optional, but it's a great way to fill in any gaps. 

And there you have it - a DIY Christmas bauble display that will make your guests feel like VIPs as they enter your home this festive season. The perfect weekend project to get you into the Christmas spirit!


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