How often should you clean your bathroom? Experts explain how to keep your decor looking its best

A clean bathroom is key to a healthy home. These experts explain just how regular your cleaning routine ought to be

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How often should you really be cleaning your bathroom? It's a question many of ask ourselves when, yet again, we're guilty of moving the task onto tomorrow's to-do list instead of today's. But a regular bathroom cleaning routine really is important and, spoiler alert, it's probably more often than you think. 

For many of us, cleaning the bathroom is the least favored chore when it comes to cleaning the home, and understandably so. Let's face it, it's not prettiest job; tackling water marks, limescale and stubborn grime seem can seem like a never ending battle. After all that effort and elbow grease - and copious amounts of bleach - you're back to square one in a matter of days. 

And yet, we all know how important it is to have a clean bathroom. It's a space used daily, typically by multiple people, and if there's anywhere in the home where hygiene is of the highest importance, it's here. (I don't think you need us to explain why...) A regular cleaning schedule then, is a must. 

To understand just how regular the upkeep of your modern bathroom ought to be, we've asked a few cleaning experts for their opinions, as well as some top tips on mastering the dreaded bathroom deep clean. 

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Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She's committed to helping readers make the best choices in their homes through sharing practical tips and solutions for all their cleaning needs. For this piece she asked cleaning experts for their advice on how often we ought to be cleaning our bathrooms, as well as their top tips on mastering this dreaded chore.

 How often you should clean your bathroom? 

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Although the question of how often you should clean your bathroom depends on how much use it, as a general rule of thumb, you should aim to deep clean your bathroom once a week. 

‘Your bathroom harbours viruses and bacteria and so, it should be cleaned on a regular basis along with other cleaning tasks around the home, with deep cleaning taking place at least once a week,’ says Michelle Chadwick, Senior Brand Manager at Zoflora.

As you might have guessed, your bathroom will need deep cleaning more regularly if you share a bathroom with multiple people - especially if you have a big family. As Michelle explains: ‘In homes with children or even pets, the need to clean more frequently will certainly be necessary.’ This might be the case for small bathrooms too, as the surface areas will see more frequent contact. 

If your bathroom sees a lot of use, try to deep clean once a week. Besides deep cleaning, you should also be carrying out quicker cleans or 'wipe downs' daily. Cleaning down places like your sink or bath little and often will help maintain cleanliness and make life far easier when it comes round to your deeper clean later in the week. 

What's the fastest routine for cleaning a bathroom?

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When it comes to mastering an efficient bathroom cleaning routine, the key is to approach strategically. 

‘I deep clean my bathroom once a week and I like to maintain different areas of the bathroom daily depending on how frequently they are used,’ says cleaning influencer Georgia Ward of Cleaning Corner.

'Start with a multipurpose spray bottle with your favorite fragrance, like Zoflora's power bathroom cleaner, instead of using different products for every surface, and then having to follow up with air freshener’ she explains. Cutting down on cleaning products will make your routine far smoother, but it's important to make your go-to option is antibacterial. What's more, it goes without saying that you should use designated solutions, like bleach or limescale remover, whenever necessary. 

Similar to any other place in the home, begin with vacuuming and dusting to prevent redistributing dirt around the room. ‘It's a good idea to start from one corner of the bathroom and work your way around so you don’t forget where you’ve cleaned,' explains Georgia.

For the best way to clean brass taps, your showerhead or other tricky areas, make sure you allow the cleaning solution to get to work for several minutes before wiping away. ‘You should spray areas you want to disinfect or places with stubborn grime or limescale first whilst you are cleaning another section of the bathroom,' explains Georgia. 'Leave them for 5 minutes before returning to wipe down.' Always remember to rinse areas with a high concentration of cleaning solution with warm water afterwards. 

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