The 'box' paint trend is reshaping French interiors – and we expect it will be big news worldwide

Has the allure of Parisian pastel wavered? Native experts share the intimate paint trend taking over French homes this season

Dark blue painted room by Annie Sloan
(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Blushing pastels and monochromatic tones may be synonymous with French interiors – but there is a new paint trend taking over French interior design according to those in the know. 

Speaking from Paris, interior experts urge you to put down the beige paintbrush until you hear about the latest painted wall idea that is big news across the city of light and beyond. 

The trend in question is a ‘box’ like effect – created from bold and vibrant colors, a swift departure from the neutral shades that have dominated fashionable homes. But how long will the fling with color last? Here, the experts share what you need to know about the home decor color trend – before it makes it worldwide.

Gray painted interiors by NOOOR

(Image credit: NOOOR / Photo by Nicolas Matheus)

‘After decades of beige and white, color is making a strong comeback in interiors, as well as patterned fabrics and wallpapers. Colour offers a warmer, more engaged, and more personal living environment,’ says Séverine Rebout, Laurent Klein, and Philippe Tasso, founders of NOOOR

‘The trend of the single-colored wall is tending to disappear in favor of all walls, and even ceilings, being painted in bright colors, which accentuates the effect of a ‘box’ and creates very intimate spaces,’ they explain of the fearless interior design trend.

Pink painted bedroom in France by Argile

(Image credit: Argile)

 ‘Painted walls enhance the paintings or artworks that are hung on them. Strong colors give unity to a room, especially if they are not perfectly geometrical, or even if there is a lot of furniture and objects.’

NOOOR is not exclusive in observing this movement. Jean Frédéric Nothomb, Founder of the French paint powerhouse Argile, explains that the muted French palette is currently being overhauled. 

‘In France, muted and pastel palettes are being replaced with more daring choices of color to create stronger statements.’ He similarly notes the desire for ‘boxlike’ interiors, sharing that ‘ceilings are increasingly being painted in dark or vibrant colors for a dramatic impact.’

Argile painted bedroom

(Image credit: Argile)

The benefits of the box don’t end there. NOOOR explains that these colors and the painting style work effortlessly in artificial light, ‘especially in the evening when we enjoy our apartments after a day spent outside.’ 

However, don't fear pastel colors are not vanishing for good, NOOOR notes that there will always be a space for this soft hue.' They are sometimes necessary when the apartments are very well exposed to the sun,' they explain.

Will the latest French aesthetic reshape your modern living room ideas? We expect this daring trend will make waves across the continents.

Megan Slack

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