Emma Stone’s LA Home Makes a Surprising Color Combination Work, and Designers are Calling it 'Pure Perfection'!

The 'clashing' colors bring a playfulness to the Spanish-style property, and it could be yours for $4 million

An exterior shot of a Spanish-style house with a terracotta tiled path
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Emma Stone is consistently thrilling us with her versatility on the big screen. The Oscar-winning actress has played a wide variety of roles throughout her career, from Disney villain Cruella to Gwen Stacy in Marvel’s Spiderman. Most recently, she masterfully channeled all things weird and wonderful in her role as Bella Baxter in Poor Things, winning adoration from critics and audiences alike. Now, though, it's her beautiful LA home that's caught our eye.

It should come as no surprise that Emma doesn’t shy away from bold and quirky choices when it comes to interior design, veering away from convention and wowing us in the process. Her stunning Los Angeles home, situated in the desirable Comstock Hills and currently up for sale with Sotheby's, is brought to life with a surprising color pairing laced throughout the interior, one that's commonly considered to clash.

The shades in question? The notorious pairing of pink and green. Splashes of bright fuchsia pink and vibrant green exude a fun and playful feel (if a little kitsch), and the overall result is an elevated ode to the Barbiecore aesthetic. Here, we speak to interior experts for their take on this daring paint idea, with tips on how to embrace it in your own home.

Is pink and green a good color pairing?

A dining room with green chairs, and a pink and green patterned accent chair

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The pairing of pink and green might have a reputation as clashing colors but, while they may not immediately spring to mind as a go-to color combination that designers love, Elana Mendelson of Elana Designs explains that pink and green actually work surprisingly well together.

‘Pairing green and pink is a beautiful way to optimize complementary colors on the color wheel,' she says. 'The contrast between pink’s warm tones and green’s cooler tone creates a beautiful harmony while also being visually striking.'

A living room with a green ceiling, a blue sofa, and pink accent cushions and pink painted bookshelves

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According to Elana, Emma has also aced the playful vibe through her mixing and matching of pink and green elements without always relying on painting the walls, such as in her colorful living room pictured above. 'The way she perfectly uses color to create a whimsical, fun, vibrant, and playful interior is exceptional and so spot-on,’ she says. ‘Her personality shines through her use of different pops of color throughout. And her light green exterior doors and trim marries the exterior and interior creating a seamless division between the two. Absolutely exquisite and pure perfection!’

Melanie Coddington of Coddington Design Firm explains that while most realtors would likely avoid fusing green and pink accents in a home that's being put up for sale, the outcome here is a striking and unique home that's likely to draw positive attention from prospective buyers. ‘Most realtors and stagers would advise against using color because they believe it is too taste-specific, but I disagree,' she says. 'Well-placed, colorful accents can make a property stand out.’

How should you decorate with pink and green?

A bedroom with a pink door, a pink bed, and green accents

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All that being said, the prospect of pairing pink and green is an intimidating one for many of us. While it is definitely a bold choice, it doesn’t have to be challenging, however. So long as you keep in mind the vibe you’re trying to achieve with your interior, mixing and matching different tones to one another is actually more straightforward than you might think. 

‘Lighter or pastel shades of pink and green can create a soft and delicate look, while bolder or more saturated versions can result in a lively and energetic combination, like in Emma’s house,’ Elana explains. ‘Pairing a deep dark green with a light blush pink creates a sophisticated, rich, glamor to any space while a bright, vibrant pink and a softer, light green is more lively, playful and fun.’

If you’re thinking about pairing pink and green in your own home, Elana suggests incorporating a more neutral shade to ground them. ‘I love using pink and green together especially when mixing in a neutral color like black, white, or even a natural wood,’ she explains. ‘This combination can really be beautiful, sophisticated, fun and elevated depending on the shades, hues and saturations used.’

And if you can’t decide how to incorporate vibrant colors into your home decor, Melanie recommends looking for objects that contain both colors, perhaps in a pattern, which can help to tie it all together. ‘If you feel bold, try a throw pillow or blanket, a piece of art or wallpaper,' she says.

If you can't stomach pink and green in your own home, we can all at least appreciate their thoughtful use in Emma's space. ‘The right buyer will fall in love with Emma's home,' Melanie notes. 'Her color combinations are unique and quirky, just like her. She's done a great job making a large home feel warm, comfortable, and approachable.’

Of course, if you're head over heels for Emma's playfully decorated LA property, it could be yours if you have a spare $4 million. It's listed with Eric Lavey of Sotheby's International Realty, Beverly Hills Brokerage, and you can find more details here.

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