This DIY is a Genius Way to Make Custom Picture Frames to Display Your Favorite Art

If you've got some leftover fabric scraps lying around, this DIY will repurpose them to make gorgeous framed backgrounds

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Displaying art in your home is one of the best ways to bring character and personality into your space, especially when your frames are customized, too. Sustainability is at the forefront of most design projects these days, and custom DIY projects are a great way to make use of materials that might otherwise go to waste. What's more, they also bring about an added element of fun when it comes to curating your perfect home.

This particular DIY that we came across is one such craft that actually allows you to reuse old scraps of fabric in such a pretty way. With living room wall art being a huge trend at the moment, we found this to be the ideal way to add a personalized touch to your space while still being environmentally conscious. Lucky for us, it has the stamp of approval from professional interior designers as well.

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The easiest way to refresh your living room is to add a couple of pictures and posters to your space. And to further preserve the quality of your prints, you can never go wrong with a frame. Now, we thought that they looked perfect up until we came across a video by Laura Kelly Trexler (@laurakellytrexler) who showed us a new way to spotlight our frames.

In Laura's Instagram reel, she takes scrap fabric from when she created her home curtains and reuses them to create colorful patterned backdrops for her frames. First, she opens up the frame, removes the picture mat, and measures it to cut the right amount of material that'll fit the frame perfectly. She then places the cut fabric onto the mat and hot glues it to the front, while neatly gluing the excess material to the back. After the material is secure, she pops the mat back in the frame and shows off her newly decorated frame.

All you truly need is to pick the perfect picture frame, gather your fabric, and get to gluing for a pretty frame makeover that'll bring some unexpected color to your living space.

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Interior designer Pam Hutter tells us that is a fantastic example of upcycling - an eco-friendly practice she highly advocates. 'From my extensive experience designing tiny homes, where maximizing space and functionality is crucial, I can assure you that integrating such practical yet stylish elements can significantly enhance small spaces,' says Pam.

When it comes to styling the frames, Pam recommends using neutral fabrics in minimalist living rooms for added texture that doesn't overwhelm the space. And for children's rooms, she suggests using vibrant, patterned fabrics to serve as engaging visual elements. 'The simplicity of the frames allows the textured backgrounds to shine, making each piece a personalized statement,' she says.

Bob Berriz, creative designer at Berriz Design, also finds Laura's DIY to be an excellent method to give old materials new life, especially if the fabric has sentimental value. 'In spaces like a home theater or media room, bold patterns or darker fabrics can help create a more immersive and cozy ambiance,' says Bob. He tells us that placing these fabric-backed frames in areas with complementary textures, such as against a wooden accent wall, can enhance the overall visual interest of the room.

So if you have a small living room in need of a pop of color or if you simply have heaps of fabric scraps lying around, this DIY is the perfect weekend project to introduce a decorative finish to your frames. Not only will it inject the room with some personality, but it'll also make your frames look picture-perfect.

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