Designers love this paint trend for 2024 - but there's one they're all planning to avoid

Paint trends are evolving for 2024, but designers aren't keen on all of them. Here's the one they've fallen in love with, and one they plan to miss

A living room painted in limewash paint
(Image credit: Albers S. Studio credit Cuaik CDS)

This is a question that every homeowner asks – is this paint color and style still on-trend? Should I consider a second tone? Are there any new paint trends I should be following? Colors and paints go through their usual ebb and flow, so it's always good to know what's gripped the market, and what's on its way out.

Thankfully, we have experts to guide us along. While speaking on the topic, designers shared key advice on paint trends and ones they think are passe. Take a look.

ON-TREND: Limewash paints

A dining room with limewash paint

(Image credit: Azure Interiors)

As interiors move towards a more minimaluxe vibe, the love for limewash paints is on the rise. This unique, slaked-lime paint is not only environmentally friendly and easy to use but also imbues a space with depth and texture. Plus, there are different types of limewash paints, that can be applied in various ways to achieve a multitude of finishes. All perfectly full of personality yet lovely neutrals. 

'We are big fans of the Bauwerk natural limewash paints which not only look incredible and offer a beautiful textured multi-dimensional finish, but are 100% non-toxic, VOC and solvent free,' says Cherie Lee, director of Cherie Lee Interiors. 'With lime paints, you can layer the coats as you see fit to create a deeper color with or without more texture, so every wall becomes a work of art. They do a good range of light, nature-inspired colors. Kaolin is a personal favorite. Named after a clay, it is a soft subtle grey colour with green undertones that warm up a room.'

OFF-TREND: Fluorescent pink walls

A room painted hot pink with a desk and chair against the wall

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

While pink is and has always been a timeless color, not every shade of it is easy to live with. The more you dial up its tone, the harder it can be to live with.

'The brighter, acidic or florescent tones of pink as wall paints is a no-no, or best left for a children's bedroom,' says Julia Mack, founder of Julia Mack Design. 'If pink, or better yet, peach, is a color that you would like in your home, consider instead adding touches in accessories like artwork and throw pillows and easy to swap out items.' 

When it comes to wall paints, consider soft, muted pinks (like the one below), or ones with a brown or grey undertone that can give a home a timeless feel. Plus, so many colors go with light pink

A pink themed bedroom with dusty pink walls, light pink headboard and white sheets

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

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