The furniture trend that could improve your sleep and wellbeing, according to experts

Curved furniture is on the up for 2022 - here’s why the trend is said to be the perfect match for your bedroom

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 Curved furniture is currently taking the design world by storm, making an appearance in more and more homes across the globe in 2022.

Originating in the 60s and 70s, curved furniture has turned into one of the most popular modern bedroom ideas of the last few months. In fact, searches around the topic are up hugely on Pinterest, with the social media site reporting a 4x increase in the term ‘curved walls interior’ and searches for ‘curved bar design’ up by 140%.

And it turns out, this much-loved trend could be good for more than just updating your home decor. It could also improve your overall sleep and wellbeing, especially if you implement it in your bedroom.

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Why is curved furniture perfect for a bedroom?

Sleep.8’s buyer and visual merchandiser, Dana Mantripp, explained that curved interiors are proven to give off a relaxing, welcoming feel that dates back years. She told us, 'Curvilinear furniture is subconsciously read as warm, inviting and comfortable, due to the softness and organic appearance of rounded vertices.'

Dana explained, 'The link between curved furniture and a relaxing environment is one which traces its roots back to the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui, in which curved edges are said to create a natural, welcoming flow in the environment.'

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And there is recent evidence to support the idea of curved items being inviting, too. 'In a study conducted by Sibel Dazkir and Marilyn Rea, over one hundred adults were asked to rate how four different rooms made them feel in terms of pleasure,' Dana said. 'The study found that the curvilinear furniture drew much higher rates of pleasure.'

But why? 'This is likely because curved vertices in furniture design mimic the organic curves and geometry of the natural world. Due to this, there is perhaps an innate, instinctual attraction to curvilinear items as we recognise them as familiar and, crucially, safe,' Dana clarified.

So how can we add one of the biggest interior design trends of 2022 to our bedrooms, to create a more soothing environment for sleep?

How to add the curved furniture trend to your bedroom

According to Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective, a statement piece is ideal, if you’re feeling brave enough.

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'For a bedroom, consider making a curved piece the focal point, with an arched headboard for example. Whether you opt for a soft fabric like velvet or a natural element like rattan, a headboard is a statement piece that will set the tone for the rest of the bedroom.' Pair it with one of the best mattresses, and get ready for your most relaxed night of sleep ever.

If you’re not particularly convinced and want to dabble in the trend before going further, Anna suggests considering smaller pieces first, such as curved wall art, a curved mirror or an area rug with curved edges. 'These smaller elements will allow you to delve into the trend without too much commitment,' she said.

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