"Colorful Tables" Are the Big Design Trend We Saw Everywhere at Milan Design Week — These Were Our Favorites

At Milan Design Week, side and coffee tables bring a pop of color to interiors and look joyful in fun, geometric shapes that will instantly lift up any interior

Milan Design Week Porada Jigger coffee tables with wood round top and glass base in red or green
(Image credit: Porada)

This year's Milan Design Week presented us with incredibly sophisticated interiors, nature inspired color palettes, luxurious textures and innovative use of materials like glass and aluminium. And in the midst of all the sea of calm and sophistication standing out were unexpected pops of color, in the form of small coffee tables that were fun in their geometric shapes, almost like toy blocks you'd want to pick up and build with. 

On first look one would have wondered how they fit into a collection of otherwise muted tones, but on closer inspection there'd come the realisation that these vibrant pieces of furniture are just the right touch of colour to bring a space to life. Leave it to the masters of Italian design, which we celebrate in our Italian Issue for Spring 24, to surprise us with unexpected combinations and playful ideas. 

Here are some of the best colorful coffee tables presented at Salone del Mobile that will set the trend for living room decor in the year to come. 

1. The puzzle-like Ernest, from Poliform

Milan Design Week Poliform Ernest coffee table in red

(Image credit: Poliform)

Completing each other like the pieces of a puzzle, the two halves of this coffee table can be used together in the middle of the room, or separate, as side tables next to your sofa. The Ernest coffee table stays true to Poliform's theme of modularity, successfully showcased at this year's Milan Design Week with their beautiful Ernest modular sofa as part of the same collection. 

Shown here in red, made from granate glossy lacquer, the table also comes in black elm, and in mat marble travertino titanium.

2. Baxter's Aegates irregular shaped table

Milan Design Week Baxter Aegates purple irregular shaped low coffee table

(Image credit: Baxter)

Where do you even start to describe this irregular shaped table with an almost futuristic look? We learn that it's part of a collection of tables inspired by the conformation of an archipelago, and we can totally see it. 

We loved to see brands having fun with designs this year, creating pieces that bring joy and boost our moods, and this low coffee table is a testament to that. The rich color looks playful yet sophisticated, and the glossy finish will make it stand out in a modern living room

3. Allure O'Dot, B&B Italia's dot of color

Milan Design Week B&B Italia Allure O'Dot coffee table in red metal and black glass

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

Allure O’ is a system of tables and coffee tables with lenticular shapes composed of five pieces in different sizes and heights. We fell in love with their versatility and how beautifully the colors and materials can be paired together and complement each other. 

'For the Allure O’ table collection, which has become iconic, I designed a new version of bistro, coffee, and side tables. I called them Allure O’Dot because their glass top is marked with a central graphic inspired by the 1960s. The colour, the sign and the shapes make up a collection of objects with many souls, for all situations. Objects that are always protagonists,' explains the designer Monica Armani. 

4. Porada's colored glass Jigger table

Milan Design Week Porada Jigger coffee tables with wood round top and glass base in green

(Image credit: Porada)

Available in green, red (perfect to bring the unexpected red theory to life in your home), and smoked grey, these tables nod to another trend we've seen slowly emerging at Salone, that of colored glass. The coffee tables from Porada's Jigger collection have a base made from blown glass produced in the Murano technique. 

Since the glass base is manufactured by hand it may feature colour discrepancies and/or bubbles, which, we think, makes these tables even more special. The top is available in solid canaletta walnut or ash, and has a slight perimeter moulding which is practical and won't allow any items to slide off. 

5. Minotti's metallic shine Tokie table

Milan Design Week Minotti Toki coffee tables in red and taupe

(Image credit: Minotti)

Minotti's collection presented at Salone del Mobile 2024 is an homage to mid-century styles and sculptural forms with couture-inspired accents that are brought to life through perfect shapes and impeccable materials. 

The minimalist shape of the Tokie coffee table is enhanced by the striking deep burgundy color, in a metallic finish. Used by itself, or styled together with the taupe version, the Tokie is a sophisticated choice for a modern home interior. 

6. Baxter's Aegates triangular block

Milan Design Week Baxter Aegates orange irregular shaped coffee table

(Image credit: Baxter)

Another example from Baxter's archipelago inspired Aegates collection, we love the geometric shape of this block-like coffee table. Easy to move around and style in different placements around the room, the vibrant color is bound to put a smile on your face and instantly lift up spirits. 

Thinking of dopamine decor, one of the most cheerful trends of 2024, this coffee table fits right in.  

7. Pilotti, Minotti's colorful cylinders

Milan design Week Minotti Pilotis ceramic colorful coffee tables

(Image credit: Minotti)

We honestly couldn't pick one form this candy-bar looking line-up of tables. In perfect cylindrical form these colorful coffee or side tables look fun and playful, and we would dot them around the house. You can use a couple in your living room, as coffee or side tables, in a bedroom by your bed, or even in a hallway. They're just too pretty to ignore and so easy to fit into any space. 

Raluca Racasan
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