The "chunky" countertop trend is making kitchens feel effortlessly more expensive – I think it's going to be big in 2024

An interior architect talks me through his thinking behind it and I’m convinced it’s such a great idea to create a luxurious feel

minimalist kitchen with wood cabinets and thick dark marble island
(Image credit: Philip Kottlorz. Design: Studio Alexander Fehre)

Kitchen design is a massive area of focus in interiors and rightly so. It’s become a space where designers try out the most beautiful materials, and aim to create a most luxurious feel. 

Modern kitchens can be real areas of focus in a home and the island is a statement-making piece. 

Interior architect Alexander Fehre changed this one small detail in the design of a kitchen island in his recent project Villa L, and the result really elevates the look of the space. That detail: designing in a chunky kitchen countertop.

A small detail that makes a big difference 

kitchen with wood cabinets and dark marble island

(Image credit: Philip Kottlorz. Design: Studio Alexander Fehre)

In Studio Alexander Fehre’s project Villa L, I noticed a subtle detail that actually makes a big difference to the look and feel of the kitchen. And that's the worktop of the kitchen island being considerably thicker than what we’re used to seeing. 

The interior architect explains his reasoning. ‘The worktop cantilevers are free on one end. Therefore, and also for the bold look, the thickness was needed and stands in contrast to the thin glass worktop in the green niche.’ 

I love how this is such a great example where a practical solution was needed, and function was beautifully balanced with form. 

This is how it was achieved 

kitchen with wood cupboards and dark marble island

(Image credit: Philip Kottlorz. Design: Studio Alexander Fehre)

Alexander tells me the island is a "satinized" glass worktop, lacquered in a petrol tone. ‘Very clean and velvety in texture. A rather modern variant as a contrast to the stone of the island.’

The island was made bespoke out of sealed marble, however, the interior architect wanted to avoid it looking too classical or overpowering. ‘Therefore a good balance of color and usability was needed,’ he tells me, in order to make it perfectly suitable for a family of five who needs to use the kitchen every day.  

It looks great in more traditional kitchens too 

traditional kitchen design with island

(Image credit: Laure Joliet Photography. Design: Medium Plenty)

Although the look and feel of Villa L’s kitchen island are quite modern, a thicker worktop will look good in a more traditional design too, if that’s your style. 

If going for a thick worktop use a material that is beautiful enough to stand out as a feature in your space as you will notice it more, so make sure you love it. In terms of actual thickness there isn’t a set rule but opt for a minimum of 1.6 inches to achieve that elevated look.

And if coming up with new kitchen ideas for a redesign and changing the island is out of the question at the moment, you can still recreate that luxurious effect by replacing your table with a new one that has a thick stone top. 

Raluca Racasan
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