Founder of Buster + Punch reveals the perfect shade of lighting to use in your living room

Achieve a perfectly lit living room instantly - this expert will tell you how

Massimo Minale’s living room, expert living room lighting tips from Buster + Punch
(Image credit: Buster + Punch)

If we're going to take lighting advice from anybody - it is Massimo Minale. The London-based architect and founder of Buster + Punch has illuminated spaces across the world - from a kitchen in Ukraine to his private villa in Stockholm, and now, he is coming for your living room lighting ideas.  

'You need one large ambient ceiling light in every room of your house, including your living room,' Massimo began, in his discussion of the most-used room in everybody's home. 

'If you are renovating your living room, and you have a nice cornice in the middle of the space, then choose something of scale that is ambient rather than directional. By that, I mean choose frosted glass or a shade and a lightbulb that radiates downward.'

Massimo Minale’s living room, expert living room lighting tips from Buster + Punch

(Image credit: Buster + Punch)

The designer continued, describing his three steps to a perfectly lit living room: 

'Once you've got your exclusive feature piece of lighting, you should start to go around the room and add wall lights. In living rooms, it is really important to have symmetry, especially around fireplaces or doorways.'

In reference to the alluring power of task lighting, which Massimo previously discussed with Livingetc - he expanded, reminding us to use this specific lighting technique strategically in our living rooms:

'Your third layer is the idea of task lighting. You should use spotlights or wall lights to illuminate specific pieces of art exclusively. Combine those three things along with a floor light that has a meaning.' 

Art wall with hanging lights, expert living room lighting tips from Buster + Punch

(Image credit: Buster + Punch)

Massimo also urges us to think about what we do in our living rooms and ensure the lighting compliments these activities. Whether you need a light to warm the pages of your late-night reads or you are looking for a light that doesn't cast a shadow over your Saturday night box-set binge.

'As a consumer, you need to work out what you do when you are spending time in that specific room. Firstly, you need one ample light, but then you need to arrange the other lights, so they complement the activity you are doing in the room.'

Coffee table with a spotlight, expert living room lighting tips from Buster + Punch

(Image credit: Buster + Punch)

'Rather than adding loads of lights on the ceiling, you need to bring it to a more human scale. That's the way always to tackle lighting,' Massimo added, before suggesting consumers look to Buster + Punch for the statement light of their future living room. 

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'Buster + Punch have a new range called Fort launching in September, and this is based around large ambient light fittings that work well in the center of rooms. This will also work well in living rooms or hallways,' the designer concluded. 

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