Designer Bill Amberg shares how to make a statement with lighting in your home - and the mistakes to avoid

Synonymous with high quality leatherwork, Bill Amberg tells us about this first lighting collection and advices how we should be lighting our homes

(Image credit: Bill Amberg | David Cleveland)

With over 30 years of experience, Bill Amberg is a leader in bespoke leather products and a global authority on architectural leatherwork. With endeavors for both private and corporate clients that span the interior and fashion worlds, Bill produces innovative work that is built to last. 

Known for his enthusiasm and passion for his craft, Bill is forever pushing the boundaries to create cutting-edge design, exploring the material's limitless versatility. His latest exploration has led him to launch his first collection of lighting that has been designed for both residential and commercial spaces. 


(Image credit: Bill Amberg | David Cleveland)

The Loom Collection is a contemporary series of hand woven leather lights, consisting of a wall light, a table light, as well as a single and a twin floor light. Each piece has been created using softly curved steel with a beautiful antique brass finish, hand knotted leather cord and LED lighting tubes.

We caught up with Bill to discover a little more about his first foray into the world of lighting and to find out any tips on how to light our home. 


(Image credit: Bill Amberg | David Cleveland)

The Loom collection

'Loom has evolved over a number of years through small personal projects for exhibitions and experimenting with woven and knotted leather lighting for a bespoke commission where a fully-fledged chandelier was required for a specific interior,' explains Bill about the inspiration behind the new range. 

'Having finalized the more practical elements of making a light for a bespoke project the idea of building a lighting collection seemed quite interesting,' he adds. 'The choice of materials and silhouette became front of mind. I like lights to be usable all over the house in many different spaces and interior styles and this informed our final design choices.'


(Image credit: Bill Amberg | David Cleveland)

While lighting might seem a world away from leather, in fact the two complement each other in the Loom collection. 'An important aspect of the Loom collection is creating a light that looks equally as beautiful when it’s switched off as when it’s illuminated,' explains Bill. 'The texture of the finished surface has to be as complementary as the shadows created when it’s on. 

'Every light is a little different and comes with its own set of challenges both from a practical standpoint and aesthetically so, 18 months of development were required to perfect each light in the collection.' 

The Loom collection includes four models in two choices of woven leather. Each equally as beautiful as the next, perfect for complementing a living room lighting idea, or adorning a hotel hallway.


(Image credit: Bill Amberg | David Cleveland)

Bill Amberg's top tips for lighting your home

'Lighting is so crucial for any space as it entirely creates the mood of the room,' explains Bill. 'Be proud of your lighting, don't try and make the lights disappear.'

'Great lights have a sculptural element to them, both on and off, so give them the space they need to be evident in any room.'

Bill also warns that one of the common mistakes in a lighting scheme is getting carried away with too many lighting options. 'Over lighting a room tends to make it feel cold so be careful with your lighting choice,' he explains. 


(Image credit: Bill Amberg | David Cleveland)

We couldn't resist asking Bill what his biggest lighting pet peeve was, and according to the designer is all about the bulb. 'Using an over-powerful bulb in a light is a common mistake so keep the wattage down and if necessary, put in another light. Two low lights are better than one bright light.'

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Sage advise. The new Loom collection is available to buy online now. 

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