5 Minimalist Murals That Prove This is the Coolest Wallpaper Trend of 2024

The minimalist mural wallpaper trend is taking off this year and we think it brings real elegance to the home

A bedroom with smokescape mural
(Image credit: Roger Davies. Sara Story Design)

You heard it here first, minimalist murals are the new accent wall. Instead of using bold paint on one wall to create a dynamic contrast, a minimalist mural might be what your room needs to create depth and interest. It might seem counterintuitive to the interior design style, which is all about pairing things back, but these murals are minimalist in their color palette and style, and create a captivating centerpiece that defines the overall aesthetic of a room. It's something we've noticed more and more of throughout 2023, working its way into 2024 too.

Stretching across a single wall, or often cascading down from the ceiling and onto other walls, these murals are often minimalist in color palette and create a statement, by enveloping a room. Murals are nothing new, and we've seen more delicate and minimalist styles trending over recent years, but the recent trend proves that the moodier, the better.

For designer Nina Magon, the minimalist mural trend is about creating a mood. 'Moody murals have the power to influence the ambiance and mood of a space,' says designer, Nina Magon. 'Whether it's a serene landscape, abstract design, or intricately patterned wallpaper, the chosen mural can evoke specific emotions and set the tone for the entire room. This plays a crucial role in creating a more immersive and emotionally resonant interior.' Here are five murals that have caught our attention and prove that minimalism continues to dominate the world of interiors.

1. This smoke-like living room mural

A living room with smoke-like mural cascading down from the ceiling

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen, Styling: Rosy Fridman. Design: Homework)

This mural cascades down from the ceiling, across the walls, and even behind the bar, providing an interesting back paneling to the shelves, while bringing atmosphere to this San Francisco living room.

'We wanted to bring in an element of ethereal fantasy to complement the stately classical architecture, so the ceiling is a hand-painted mural by a local artist in San Francisco,' explains Susan Work of the design duo, Homework.

'Bringing a little bit of the ceiling element down vertically creates uniformity, interest, and dynamism. Using a different material for the back of the bar would have felt fussy and over the top.'

2. This monochrome willow mural

A living room with mural

(Image credit: Tim Lee. Design: Home For Zen)

In this home by Home for Zen, the range of wall murals reflects the clients' interest in art, and brings a contemporary feel to the space. In the sunroom, a tropical green wallpaper creates a connection with the outdoors, while the dining room has a more minimalist style with a cloudscape mural that brings an ethereal feel to the space.

In this sitting area, the black and white mural depicts a weeping willow that elegantly cascades down the wall. For Ania Dunlop from Home for Zen, it introduces a touch of elegance, sophistication, and tranquility. It's a smart way to add interest to a white wall without opting for anything too abstract.

3. This 70s inspired mural

A '70s style bedroom with crochet curtains

(Image credit: Roger Davies. Design: Sara Story)

In this home in the Austin hills, designer Sara Story designed a dazzling home fit for entertaining, brimming with 70s references. In this bedroom, a minimalist mural provides an intriguing background to the bed.

It is by the same artist who did the mural behind the bar area, bringing continuity to every room in the home, but this smoke-scape style has a very different feel, with wisps of smoke on the ceiling drawing you in.

'The minimalist bedroom was of course directed to feel more soothing, while still intriguing. I thought having the smoke up to the bedroom ceiling would be an interesting detail,' says Sara.

4. This artistic and atmospheric mural

A bedroom with neutral colored mural

(Image credit: William Jesse Laird. Design: Jae Joo)

With a little more color, this mural in a New York pied-à-terre creates a calming sanctuary and a soothing neutral color scheme. The bedroom mural was handpainted by muralist and fine arts painter, with a wealth of interior design clients in his arsenal, Dean Barger.

For Jae Joo, introducing the mural was a way to bring art into the space. 'When my client contacted me to design their family pied-à-terre in Tribeca, something special about her love for design resonated with me right away,' remembers Jae Joo.

'It was also exciting to discover her passion for contemporary art. She already had some lovely pieces that we could incorporate into their home and we got to add a few more pieces from Bortolami Gallery and De Buck Gallery.

'Art is a big part of my process and it was so great working with someone who shared the same interest and curiosity.'

5. This calming bedroom mural

A minimalist mural in a bedroom

(Image credit: Provoke Studios. Design: Kalu Interiors)

Finally, this minimalist mural is another example of the monochromatic look, designed by Phyllis Lui, principal at award-winning Vancouver interior design firm, Kalu Interiors.

'In 2024, we see the trend still continuing for large format patterns and murals because oftentimes they provide more interest than smaller scale patterns,' says Phyllis.

'The wallcovering in the bedroom is from Black Edition and features textural ink on a subtle landscape backdrop. It also has a metallic, pearly finish to it for interest. The neutral tones of the bedroom wallpaper perfectly complement the room without overpowering it.'

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